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Ever bought a jeans, non stretchy, and after a few wears and wash, it becomes loosed and baggy. It can be very annoying, the normal problem with denim especially if it is 100 percent cotton, that's because when it stretches it doesn't return back to it's original shape, using dryer to shrink works, but it's only temporary, eventually you would need to change it. A blend of cotton and polyester doesn't stretch out that much. But that is just one of the downside of non stretch jeans, because it doesn't stretch you might need to get a bigger size if you have a big thigh as the waist won't be able to get past your thighs. You end up with a baggy jeans with bigger waste band. Hundred percent cotton denim jeans has been the regular type of jeans for men for a long time until stretch jeans, which was common and popular among the ladies, was introduced about a decade ago to men’s fashion and has now earned it's place in men jeans. Stretch jeans are made using elastane, a synthetic fiber with exceptional elasticity, usually one to four percent elastane also called spandex or Lycra.

Stretchy jeans are more comfortable, more flexible, more fitting than non stretch jeans, doesn't restrict movement, and great for those who have fluctuating waistline. They look like the regular non stretch jeans, you only feel the difference when you put them on. Anyone can actually wear stretch jeans, when shopping look for jeans that fit your body shape, the style and the stretch factor.

1 percent stretch provides just the right amount of stretch for flexibility, it is not body hugging but keeps your jeans in shape. 2 percent stretch is enough for comfort, and also contours to your shape. 3-4 percent is very stretchy, form fitting, soft and comfortable. The best stretch jeans are durable with top quality, have the right amount of stretch for ease of movement and very comfortable .


Types of Stretch Jeans

Slim fit Jeans

Slim fit Jeans is similar to the regular jeans but a bit tighter than it. Slim fit jeans have a narrow leg opening that is not flared, it also contours to the shape of whoever is wearing it. It gives room for flexibility whilst making you look good, a great balance between style and comfort.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans is more tight than slim fit, and is more form fitting. It has an extremely narrow leg and is tight around the calf. It is also very comfortable and flexible

Regular Fit Jeans

This is a more formal jeans than slim fit and skinny jeans, it is slightly wider at the leg opening, and the same size from the thighs to the ankle. It doesn't taper down, it is more comfortable and less restricting.


Stretchy jeans should be tight when you put them on, this is because elastane stretches after it is worn. So when you buy a stretchy jeans that fits comfortably, it is probably the wrong size as this will overtime become stretched out and becomes baggy.

The waistband should fit a finger only, if all your hand can go in, then it's too big. If the waistband can stretch more than an inch from your waist, it's too big, and if the thighs are tight then it is too small.

Wash only when it's dirty and don't put in a dryer. If your jeans don't smell or have a stain, then don't wash it. Using dryer to shrink your denim breaks down the elastane. All jeans will eventually stretch out become loose and baggy, but with proper care your stretch denim jeans would last longer.


Difference Between Skinny Jeans and Slim Fit Jeans

  1. For a very active day, slim fit should be your option, it a also a more casual look amongst the three jeans. Skinny jeans is loud, perfect when you want to flaunt your legs, going on a date or normal night out. This is your best choice. Regular fit is more formal and more comfortable.
  2. The leg of slim fit is slightly tapered while the leg pattern of skinny jeans is closely opened. Regular fit jeans doesn't taper down to the leg, the width is straight from the thigh down to the leg.
  3. Slim fit jeans are tight around the thighs and seat. The skinny jeans are tight from the thigh to the leg. Regular fits are not tight, not loosed either.


How to take care of your stretch jeans

  1. Follow the instructions on the label properly, some jeans require specific care to prevent shrinking, stretching or fading out.
  2. Before first wash, you should seal the color of your jeans to prevent with from fading, since soap quickens the process. Put a tablespoon of salt and a cup of white vinegar into a basin of cold water and allow it to soak for an hour, lay the jeans flat to air dry.
  3. Hand washing your jeans is way better than machine wash. And use cold water rather than hot water. The heat weakens the fiber and causes it to expand. Always wash your jeans inside out.
  4. Keep away from the dryer. It's best to air dry by hanging it out for the water to dry off. Air drying maintains the shape and the quality of the jeans for a long time. Dryer can destroy the fabric.
  5. For stain removal rather than wash the whole jeans, use a stain removal on the stain Mark to remove it. There are different products to remove different kinds of stains.


Best Men's Jeans With Stretch

A trendy and casual distressed denim. Size Up Tri-Stretch Black Cargo Pant is a great choice if you're looking for fitted jeans with a distressed yet relaxed look. It looks tough but when you put it on, i fits your body perfectly well. You can pair it with any kind of top, ideal for muscular legs. Sizes are available in small, large to extra large. You definitely need to have this jeans in your list if you are looking to buy stretch men's jeans for muscular legs, it is  a balance of casual, comfort and trendy.


Size Up Tri-Stretch Light Blue Acid Wash Denim Jeans

This acid wash blue jeans from is versatile, one of the best stretch men's jeans, it is the balance of fashion and function, form fitting but stretchable enough for comfort. This denim jeans goes with anything you put on, whether a tank top or a button up shirt. This Size Up Tri-Stretch Light Blue Acid Wash Denim Jeans is so comfortable you get used to it and don't want to take it off.  The knees and upper thighs are turn out and cut to give a distressed look. It is available is all sizes and top quality is guaranteed from size up apparel.

Size Up Tri-Stretch Midnight Blue Denim Jeans

Very stretchable and slim fit denim jeans with a ragged look and multi pocket design. This is the Bad Boy jeans that gives highlight to the muscle you worked hard for. This Size Up Tri-Stretch Midnight Blue Denim Jeans is a blend of comfort and style, very versatile and would go with any shirt you decide to pair it with, no restriction when it comes to shoe also, just be creative. Sizes are available in small medium and large.

541 Straight Fit Men's Jeans

This Levi's jeans is  very comfortable with the right stretch to ease movement. You can pair it with any shirt of your choice.

AE NE(X)T Level  skinny Jeans

This black wash jeans is very comfortable, not too tight, but just the right size. It is made from the company softest material ever, the Ne(x)t level flex. It might help, if you boy a smaller size, as it will eventually stretch to fit you.


Deur Performance Denim Slim

This slim fit jeans comes is different colors, and is super comfortable throughout the day without restricting movement. It is made from 70 percent cotton, 28 percent polyester and 2 percent elastane. Wherever you can wear your regular jeans to, you bet you can also wear this to also.

Calvin Klein Men's Skinny Fit Jeans

Unsure of the jeans to wear to the office, pick this. The skinny jeans is great for office setting. The waist size is between 28 to 42 inches and length between 30 to 34 inches. It is made of 99 percent cotton and 1 percent elastane, extra stretchy and a good fit.

Levi's Men 510 skinny Jeans

This skinny jeans from the grandmaster of denim is your best bet any day. It is available in 13 different colors, with waist size between 26 to 38 inches. High quality material that still retains the original color even after several wash. The material is made from 99 percent cotton and 1 percent elastane.

The Essential Jeans

This slim fit wash jeans is great to wear to the office. This is not tight in the sit and it tapers from the thigh down. This denim jeans have a short inseam, great for short men. It comes in three color, indigo wash, midnight black and midtown wash.

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