Top Winter Gym Wear for Women by Size Up


Heading on to the gym could improbably be the biggest deal sometimes even for the pros. Going to the gym requires an intense level of exercise for the body, which our body is not ready for sometimes.

“Oh come on, I just want to lie down all day long andwant to consume anything the mouth intakes”, our body exclaims to us every time we tell us that we got to lose that belly fat we have been renting for months or years.

No one wants to step on the threshold of a gym unless the urge to get into shape is incredibly high or the gym clothes are really cute! You have to agree with me on this- women are all about clothes! Women need different clothes for every different occasion, so why not have a separate clothes collection for going to the gym?

In point of fact, gym clothes are gaining more importance in women’s lives because their morning snaps are clicked or recorded in these clothes. Don’t listen to anybody else because to tell the truth, your gym wear shows your dedication towards getting that amazing body you are sweating your ass off for.

Winters are the hardest time to step out of the house for anything let alone going to the gym. In winters, right winter gym wear becomes important because of the laziness we all tend to attain.

Keeping in mind how important suitable gym wear can be in the winter, Size Up has a collection of astounding winter gym wear for women. Let’s check it out-

Top Wear-

Choosing the appropriate topwear for your gym session becomes quite difficult especially in the winter. You want to look good but don’t want to freezebecause of that chilly weather too.

  • Long Sleeve Crop Top-

With decorated long sleeves with contrasting white detailing and fun Size Up logo, this crop top is the answer to every woman’s workout routine and is in race to become a trusted staple in your closet.


Staying in shape and showing off your body while working out has become easier and sexier than before with this Size Up Long Sleeve Crop Top. You will enjoy the protection offered by the long sleeves in the cooler months of the year plus you will be able to add an astonishing look to your personality. The stretchy fitted material provides bust support for you to give the perfect range of motion during all gym activities. This long sleeve crop top could be your best gym buddy to accompany you to the gym.

 Size up Women Collection

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  • Fitted Zip Ups-

It’s here girls! Your favorite and the most comfortable Zip-Up is finally here!


Slay your gym look with this body-hugging fit zip-up. With a full length zipper with two zip-up side pockets, this zip-up lets you show off your amazing gym body in an all sexy way.


This hot gym wear is made of high-quality fabric that’s thick and breathable so that you can wear it to your gym and sweat it out while enjoying the ultimate cozy experience in the winter.

 Size up Women Collection

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Bottom wear

Finding a perfect bottom wear for your gym session is like finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone, if you know what I mean. You want to pull that leg day like a pro yet want to show everyone what you have got.


  • Leggings-

Leggings are a fashion-forward item that allow an active woman of the 21st century to look and feel good. In winter especially, leggings play a crucial role as a gym wear. The high waist style slims and controls to give the fitness-focused woman of today the body that shows a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and showcases her efforts that she makes to shape her body.


With a neutral color selection, this legging delivers functionality and comfort as well. Leggings may be the best fashion move you can ever make in order to slay your winter gym look. With these leggings, you will be the center of attention for the body you have been working out for months.

 Size Up Women Collection

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  • Fitted Joggers-

Joggers could never disappoint you. Joggers do not only work as a gym wear but act as an all-around must-have in your wardrobe.


Size Up’s fitted joggers has introduced a unique style into the jogger world. These joggers are lightweight and have stretchy material to ensure you to get the best comfort while you’re at the gym working out with all dedication to shape your body in your own desired manner.

A ribbed design in these Size Up’s joggers runs along with the fitted jogger for support and to accentuate the toned thighs and bum.

 Size Up Women Collection

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Get ready to set some major style goals with the hottest gym wear offered by Size Up. Want to stand out in the crowd and want to impress all your gym fellows with your astounding gym style, say no more because you got it all with Size Up’s trendy collection of winter gym wear.

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