Size Up Nude Trucker Hat

Nude Trucker Hat from Size Up

Is Size Up trying to tell you it is time to go totally nude? Well, maybe not quite how you are thinking. The Nude Trucker Hat is a great accessory to go along with the Nude Stripe Shorts and the Nude Vent Tee from Size Up. While that is not quite totally nude, it is darn close.

The Nude Trucker Hat has an adjustable strap to make sure you can keep it in place. It adjusts to fit from small hat sizes to XXL. The hat features a great vented mesh on the sides to keep your head cool but still protects it from the sun. The long brim keeps the sun off of your face and is great for playing softball, a round of golf, or a run through the park.

The hat is made with breathable materials to make sure no part of your head overheats. The hat can be hand-cleaned to remove dirt and those dastardly sweat marks. The hat’s headband absorbs sweat to make sure it never drips in your eyes, no matter how hard you are working out. This hat makes sure you look great while keeping you cool and the sun out of your eyes. It looks awesome with any other Size Up gear, even if it's not totally nude.

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