Size Up Black Sleeveless Zip Up

Size Up Apparel's Fall 2018 Black Sleeveless Zip Up Review

Here is a zip up that you have to have in your arsenal of workout clothing and casual clothing. It is a black, sleeveless zip-up hoodie from Size Up that looks as good as it fits. I tried the item out and love the way it hugs my torso, giving me the right amount of coverage and together with a sleek look. It fits true to size so you can be assured that you will be getting the correct fit when you purchase it online directly from SizeUp Apparel.

It is a versatile item that you can wear alone. If it is hot and you need a run you can get away with wearing it alone. The sleeveless fit gives you plenty of room to breathe and move. If you just need to layer something for a casual day out, it works for that as well.

The price is as good as the zip-up hoodie, too. It really does fit and looks like a piece of workout clothing I know I could pay over $100 for. It is under $60 and, if you buy it on sale, it is nearly half that price. I wish there were more colors because then I would buy them all.


Length 28" 28.75" 29.5" 30.25" 31.15"
Chest 17.75" 18.5" 19.25" 20" 20.75"

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