Size Up White Soft Mesh Hat

White Soft Mesh Hat By Size Up

They noticed you from half a mile away. Your head bobbing up and down as you jogged down the path, with your brilliant White Soft Mesh Hat from Size Up. This hat is designed to solve two of your biggest problems when buying a hat. First, it looks fantastic. The bright white hat features a subdued Size Up Winged Logo on the front and nothing else.

Second, the hat is designed to keep you cool while keeping the sun off. Many hats look great, but once you put them on your head begins to bake. The soft mesh fabric in this hat makes sure you get plenty of air and the sweat can evaporate instead of turning the hat into a soggy mess. The front of the hat is made with soft material designed to absorb sweat from your forehead to make sure runs into your eyes blinding you.

The hat features an adjustable band on the back so you can adjust the size to fit perfectly. It is a one-size fit all hat. If you want a hat that feels great and makes you stand out from the crowd, you cannot do better than the Size Up White Soft Mesh Hat.

Size Up Insider