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At gyms all over the country hordes of those people who are dedicated to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and building better bodies spend hours each week honing and perfecting their physical appearance. But there's more to the average gym than might meet the eye. These are places where style and fashion trends are often born. Societies focus on health, well being and the appearance of the body beautiful means that those who are attending a gym on a weekly basis are often unwitting brand and style ambassadors.


However - often these styles do not stand the test of time - remember the crop top? Although many may come and go due to the cyclical nature of fashion there are only a few classics that have kept their place on the winners' pedestal of the gym and health-based fashion trends.


One of these is the classic Size Up Camo Og Tee. The classic good looks and clean, uncluttered design of this T-shirt, as well as the cotton/polyester blend, meaning that it is not only comfortable to wear during the most intense of workouts - but that it is equally at home as part of a casual look when the wearer is simply relaxing.




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