Size Up Camo Wing Tee

Our Size Up Camo Wing Tee is a great t-shirt that you will be proud to wear to the gym, while you're doing errands or just hanging out with friends. It is black with a large SU logo in camo print to the top center of the t-shirt. This tee will allow you to show off your body while providing a great deal of comfort. It has a scoop bottom and the tee is more fitted to the top while providing a slightly looser fit to the bottom. This will allow you to move easily and is the perfect tailored fit to make you look great.

This t-shirt is available for purchase in red, black or grey. It comes in sizes small to XXL and is made from a cotton/spandex blend. It's extremely affordable and will only cost you $7.49 and you don't have to worry about issues such as shrinkage or wear and tear with heavy wash cycles. If you love lifting, then you'll love this t-shirt since it allows you to move freely and will keep you dry. The sleeves are also slightly tapered to cling to your biceps, which will definitely show off your pump while at the gym.


Length 31.5" 32.25 33" 34" 34.75"
Chest 19" 19.75" 20.5" 21.25" 22"

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