Size Up Red OG Tee


Start Your Own Style Revolution With An Evolution - The Size Up OG Red Tee


For generations of drivers and pedestrians alike red has always gone 'stop' or 'danger' - But it has at the same time signaled that there might be a bit of excitement up ahead. And the Size Up OG Red tee takes that idea and runs with it, or given that it is both gym and leisure equipment - lifts it to new heights.


The classic styling and eye-catching coloration mean that this is a Tee that not only draws attention to the fact that the wearer is part of a group that values good health and a commitment to a great body but also wants to look their best. The combination polyester and cotton mean that comfort is top of the agenda and that this Tee is just as at home kicking back with friends or hitting the gym.


The classic nature of the Tee indicates that the wearer is not a dedicated follower of the latest trends - but can rather recognize the style and classic good looks for what they are, a blend of good taste and an admirer of the finer things in life. The wearer is someone who can grasp life and commit be being a leader, not a follower.


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