Size Up Red Fitted Gym Shorts

Red Fitted Gym Shorts By Size Up

Do you try to hide in the corner of the gym during your workout, or do you like to be the center of attention? If you are bold, then these Red Fitted Gym Shorts will make you stand out. The bright red color will make sure everyone know you have stepped into the gym and the action is about to begin.

The shorts are built for comfort and hard work. The shorts feature an extra wide waistband to make sure it never rolls up, even when you are doing crunches or squats. The shorts fit snugly so they do not get caught up in exercise equipment, but the stretch fabric gives you ease of movement at the same time.

The breathable fabric makes sure you don’t overheat even when you are working out at 110%. The shorts feature two side pockets and one rear pocket so you can carry your wallet and keys to the gym. The front drawstring allows you to adjust the waist size whenever needed. The legs ride just above the knees to make sure they don’t interfere with motion.

These brightly colored shorts will make you standout before, after, and during your workout, but since you have earned the attention with your hard work, why not?


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