Size Up Blue Loose Compression Tee

Purple Loose Compression: The perfect blend of Polyester and Spandex gives this tee shirt a light and comfortable wear. The purple loose compression is THE hottest item we carry. It is such a demanded product we can’t keep it on the shelf long enough! This is one of the many items that are both suitable for gym wear and every day occasions! The perfect Tee for athletic, casual wear! Our Polyester/Spandex blend is meant for extreme comfort at the same time giving you that form-fitting look. We made sure we got the material just right to make sure everyone knows you’re the hardest worker in the room! 


Product Highlights:

Polyester/Spandex blend specially made to help you reach that next level in the gym!

Our Compression Tee’s are Designed for those with determination, dedication and discipline.


Length 30" 30.75" 31.5" 32.25" 33"
Chest 17" 17.75" 18.5" 19.25" 20"

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