Size Up USA OG Tee


Enjoy Retro Styling And Modern Comfort With The Size Up USA OG Tee

There are certain things that will always retain their retro appeal for the true lover of style. There are those classic 70's jeans, those tongue in cheek nods to fun-filled socks and the never to be forgotten surf shorts and Hawaiian shirts. There is, of course, the timeless allure of the T-Shirt.

When all has come and gone and the Earth is about to enjoy the fiery embrace of the swollen sun in a hundred billion years there will still be people walking in the heat, wearing Tee's and commenting on the weather. But as with all things classic, the choice of what to wear all depends on that certain sense of style. that's where products such as the Size Up USA OG Tee come in.

The cotton and polyester blend and design keep you cool in all senses of the world. this is a Tee that is just as at home in the gym as it is on the street. Comfort and individual style are the hallmarks of what started the crossover between gym wear and leisure wear - and this is a Tee that has both in great big helpings - a tee that started it all and will continue to carry the style flag held high.


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