Size Up Black Stealth Tank

Black Stealth Shirt From Size Up

Have you ever bought a tank top with a little fear in your heart? That is the way I felt when I ordered the Size Up Black Stealth Tank. The shirt looks fantastic, but would it look just as good once I pulled it onto my body?

The Stealth Tank is made with a blend of 95% cotton and only 5% Spandex, meaning it breathes fantastically. You can wear it outside on a hot summer day and stay cool, which is aided by the deep cuts under the arms.

The Stealth Tank is improperly named because when you are wearing this shirt, there is nothing left to the imagination. Your arms are fully exposed. Your sides are in clear view. Your pecs are on display. It is the perfect shirt to show off how hard you workout and that you are proud of the results.

The shirt is great for working out, too. You can lift weights with ease. The tank top does not impede arm movement at all. The cotton fabric wicks away sweat from your body so you cool-off quickly.

The Black Stealth Tank is a great shirt to lay around in and relax but is even better when you are on the go.  This is a shirt you will love to own.


Length 32" 32.75" 33.75" 34.5" 35.25"
Chest 39" 41" 42.5" 44" 45.5"




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