Size Up Women's Black T Shirt

Choose Comfort With Our Size Up Women's Black T-Shirt!

Workout clothes can be comfortable, but many brands offer itchy fabrics and ill-fitting garments that don't provide nearly enough breathing room. We believe that our Size Up Women's Black T-Shirt is an accommodating staple in any active closet! We have used a carefully constructed blend of fabrics that include cotton to improve the breathability of our fibers. Whether lounging outdoors or jogging a mile on the streets, our workout shirt isn't just eye-candy!

The loose fit provides a full range of motion while it helps you cool down during all types of strenuous activity. Thanks to our sexy cutoff design, you can show off your curves while highlighting the designer waistband of your chosen joggers! The solid black color ensures that it's easy to care for and our fabrics will not fade or discolor with use. Our logo is discreetly hidden on the front of the shirt in contrasting white. We believe all women are beautiful, which is why we offer our shirt in sizes XS to L.

Specs Of Women's Black T-Shirt

-A perfect cotton blend of breathable fabrics to make working out comfortable.

-The loose fit gives definition to sexy curves and offers breathing room during jogs.

-The black color offers a clean slimming effect and can be purchased in sizes XS to L.


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