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Recently, a friend of mine was busy doing a hip-hop cardio class at the local gym. She was jumping up and down and waving her hands to and fro when all of a sudden there was a major wardrobe miss function. The cute and attractive new sports bra that she just purchased lifted up as her arms continued to flail away.

She was able to pull the sports bra down quickly and since the gym was quite dark, nobody seemed to notice. However, my friend was still really embarrassed from the experience and right then she decided to forgo purchasing a sports bra on looks only but rather to purchase a sports bra that looked good and had quality construction to perform well. She went online and purchased a top-quality black signature sports bra at a very reasonable price.

It is interesting to know that this type of occurrence is very familiar in many gyms around the world. In fact, a PhD Professor of sport and exercise science at Oregon State University spent many years researching, designing, and testing various sports bras and the reasons why women wear them. The research discovered that only 15 to 20% of women purchase a sports bra that is the best bra for the shape.

Length 9.5" 9.75" 10" 10.25" 10.5"
Chest 11.5" 12" 12.5" 13.25" 13.75"



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