Size Up Women's Leopard Leggings

Women's Leopard Leggings By Size Up

Growl. That's the sound everybody will make when they see you walk into the gym your Leopard Leggings from Size Up. The leggings are not designed for timid women, they are designed for women who are proud, confident, and in-charge, like you. The blended stretch fabric will hug every contour of your legs and glutes, showcasing your hard work in the gym. If you don't like attention, then stay away from these leggings.

The fabric is designed to keep you cool. It breathes while at the same time wicking away moisture during your toughest workouts. The wide black waistband keeps the leggings securely in place during any type of workout and never rolls over pinching you. The waistline of the leggings runs a little higher than some leggings to ensure you stay comfortable.

The leggings feature a pair of diagonal black stripes on each leg accentuating the shape of your legs. Size Up designed these leggings to look great, but more importantly to be able to stand up to the hard demands a woman like you makes in the gym and in life. Your leggings should showcase your great looks, while never hindering your ability to move, and that's how Size Up designed these leggings.


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