10 Casual style tips for guys who want look sharp

10 Casual style tips for guys who want look sharp

Do you want to dress better or want to wear whatever is trending and not care about how you look in those t-shirt or denim? Of course you want look better, what suit your style is trending because fashion never get out dated. Sharp look is your end result when you want to out on a date or hangout with friends. But if don’t have idea for style, we get you some secret tips who want to look sharp!

  1. Fashion Start with Basic

Personal Hygienic is the basic rule starts in fashion world. Cleaning yourself not only keep you away from sickness but also away bad smell or sweat smell. When you are clean, its bring the confident out of you and appeal. As there is a saying cleanliness is next to godliness. This also apply on facial hair.

  1. Perfect Color Combination

Color combination in fashion is important as bread need butter. Perfect color makes your look Sharp. Remember not every color suit on you, it goes with your skin color and color of your jeans, shirt, t-shirt, shoes, belt, watch belt, hair styles. You don’t want to look like ghost or weirdo! So always go with best color matching.

  1. Dress Like a man, Be a gentleman

Casual style from wrong side, makes you look a teenager. You should always wanna look mature.

Maturity is an attractive quality in man. Its separate a man from the boys. It’s a quality people wanna look into you. Avoid wearing funny tee or anything with slogans. Keep it simple and we’ll be good to go.

  1. Have a Jeans, Actually Make You Look Good

The best casual legwear for any guy is a pair of jeans. There is nothing wrong in wearing T-shirt and jeans. Jeans look amazing, as long as wearing the right. Avoid baggy jeans, embellishments, means No excessive distress, No rips and No bleaching.

Keep your jeans simple, go for dark-blue, tapered jeans. Try jeans fitting as much as possible but pick the best one.

  1. Select the Best pair of Footwear.

Your dirty sneaker will ruin your outfit. Don’t think people don’t notice shoes, because women do. Wear a pair of clean white sneaker in a casual fit is good. For class things brown leather. You can expand your search for more sneakers. If you like wearing sneakers all the time than try desert boot, look sharp.

  1. Add Layer on your outfit.

Adding layers will hence your look. Guys feel a bit intimidated by layering. Many guys have no idea how to match clothes. It’s not rocket science to know, simply done with a clothes. Imagine wearing a white t-shirt and jean, quite simple. Now imagine a wearing a jacket with same outfit. Just like that adding layer will make your look sharp.

  1. Style your Hair Perfect.

Imagine the thing people look at you is….. Hairstyle. Yes styling your hair is very important and gets notice first on your face. So when you style your hair know the shape of your face and choose the right cut. Remember, if you wanna look sharp, your hair looks sharp too!

  1. Watch is Must Accessories

Many guys think wearing a watch is not essential these days, but watch is not only used for showing but also improve your get-up. Selecting the right watch which goes with your get is important. Watch not only makes you classier but also makes your wrist bigger. So always wear a must accessories Watch.

  1. Don’t Try Too Much, Keep it Simple

Many guys try too hard to dress better, but turn out to be look jackasses. When they hear “wear accessories”, they wear a gazillion bracelets and necklace, or they hear “wear color”, they end up like a skittles. Go for subtle, simple, understated get-up and you’ll stand out in the best way instead.

  1. Dress well, be More Polished, Masculine You

You have got almost all stylish tips and plenty more will come, but you should start with these firsts. Doesn’t matter where when, just replace your old T-shirt or get nice shoes or wrist watch. When you’ll look in mirror you’ll see guy same as you but better-dressed than you did earlier.

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