17 Modern Fitness Myths Busted

17 Modern Fitness Myths Busted

Plenty of athletes sweat working out as prescriptions. Read on feature and we gonna bust some myths which you have listening from lots of trainer but not proven scientifically.

Most of the business executive from wall street with 8% body fat and these cyclical health commitments. They also watch people follow terrible fitness advise that they took without any fact check.

To help all of them who has working without knowing the myth buster. Here are the top 14 myth busted for fitness in gym.

 1- Unused muscle turns to fat

One of the most common myths that unused muscles tissue converts into fat. It’s really important to say that the muscle tissue has muscle cells and fat issue has fat cell. They are not interchangeable by no means. It is chemically or physically possible for muscle tissue to convert over to fat and vice versa.

 2- Morning Workouts are better

It really depends on your goal training fasted in the morning. Your body is more conducive to losing fat because when you wake up you’re in a fasted state and that means your body is basically consuming itself. So your body looks for fat storage or muscle storage.

That’s the time when you can goal it to lose weight and just slim down, lean down. That’s the best to optimize that window for training. In term of effectiveness of training in general you just need to make sure that if you are training at night, you are not fatiguing yourself.

3- Stretching Before a Workout Prevent Injury

So when Most people think stretching, they are thinking static stretching. Where you achieve certain position. And hold that position and your goal is to increase your range of motion a problem. It can end up really loose and if you follow that type of stretching with something explosive or ballistic or strength based.

Now you have loose tissue or relaxed joint. You’re not going to be able to produce as much force. It could also potentially lead to being injured because of unstably.

4- You Can Target Specific Body Parts

So when it’s the holidays right and your friends saying that they trying to lose it like stomach. You can’t spot reduce the part that you want and in good news it doesn’t go the other way. It always goes overall development of your body structure equally and more balanced.

5- Cardio burn fat

If you are trying to lower your body fat, cardio isn’t the way to do. Cardio doesn’t burn fat. It burns the calories, so if your goal is to lose weight your body have to be calories deficit. To get yourself in to getting calorie deficit by doing cardiovascular exercise. But if you’re not eating a diet or not monitoring your calories to make sure you are caloric deficit no amount of cardio that you do, you can’t outrun a bad diet.

In fact, doing too much cardio can actually be a bad thing. If all you are doing is cardio with goal of losing weight, you can start to burn into that muscle tissue. If you’re burning into lean muscle tissue, you can actually be slowing down your metabolism. It could lead into deceasing your bone density, making yourself weaker. So I think this myth is potentially being the most dangerous and damaging one of the general population.

6- Muscle Weights More Than Fat

One myth we hear all the time is that muscle weighs more than fat. A pound of bricks weighs the same as a pound of features, so it’s not that muscles weighs more than fat it’s that muscle is denser than fat. So in terms of building muscle you can add weight on the scale.

7- The Scale Measures Progress

The scale isn’t always the best indicator of progress when we’re trying to develop our physique. At first you can add muscle and the scale will reflect that you’re heavier. over the time understanding that for all the lean muscle you have you’re increasing your resting calories burn per day that’s a long-term sustainable change.

8- Women get Bulky When They Lift

Women think that they’ll bulk if they start working out. If that’s the look you’re going for, that’s great because you’re doing something that you want to do. If you working out for general wellness and health, then you don’t have to be afraid to lift heavy weight. You’re not going to get bulky by nature and in fact weight lifting is especially important for women.

As you age, you become more prone to getting osteoporosis. You need to be doing resistance training. You muscle are feeling that stimulation so that the bone nearby can remain strong.

9- Strength Training Requires a GYM

You don’t actually need weights at all to build strengths. The myth being that you have to go to the gym to be doing strength training. Your body is weigh so bodyweight exercise has been around forever and they are so important be able to push up your body or crunch, squat, pull up.

10.Crunches Will Give You a Six Pack

Getting a six pack is not about doing tons of cartridges a lot of it has to do with your nutrition. Abs are made in the kitchen; your abs are a muscle. If you ‘re gonna target the muscle by doing crunches, leg lifts bicycle, crunches oblique twists. It essentially building the muscle. So think of it as you’re building the engine of the car and outside is your body fat and how do you show off the inside of the car, you’ve got to reduce that body fat.

11.The More Sweat, The Better the Workout

Sweating a lot means you got a really great workout it’s something we hear all the time. Unfortunately, that’s not true either some people are just naturally more prone to sweating, some people just have underactive sweat glands. So it means that you’re healthy and your filtration system. But it doesn’t necessarily reflect the effectiveness of your workout.


12.Sports Drinks are the Best way to Rehydrate

If you do sweat a lot how should you replenish. I would not say that the most commercial sports drink is the most efficient way of rehydrating following a working. But plain water isn’t going to cut it either. If you’re just consuming water that’s also not the most effective way of hydrating because hydration is not just water.

There’s also trace minerals that as electrolytes which help with nerve conduction, they help with brain function, they help with muscular contraction. If you’re looking for the best way to re-hydrate post-workout, it could be very beneficial to add just a dab of pink Himalayan sea salt to water.

The pink Himalayan sea salt has over 60 trace minerals all of it found naturally in human sweat. So when you consider something like Gatorade or Powerade, they made have 4-5 different electrolytes in their blends so derrick falling drastically shorts in terms of overall hydration when it’s come to all the minerals of your body.


13.Power-Down Protein Post workout

After workout you should also eat protein immediately right. If you already have protein rich diet, then you don’t need to worry so much about downing a protein shake right after your workout. Now you are gonna be depleted of though especially if you’re doing an aerobic exercise you’re going to depleted of glycogen. Glycogen is the immediate form for energy from muscle contraction and that comes in way of simple carbohydrates and sugars. So post-training it’s important to replenish that glycogen. But even if you’re fueling muscle with a proper diet they still need time off.

14- Just keeping Going, No Breaks

Hashtag No Day Off. The old myth that we should not take a day off is an extreme there’s a huge value in letting the muscle repair itself. So every time you do let’s go back to biceps curl a small tear is gonna happen in my bicep so the body is going to repair itself. It you continue to do it, have no window of opportunity for the body. The soldiers to jump in to fix this tear because its constantly been more work. It need some of that downtime to heal itself.

 15- NO Pain, NO Gain

That’s a myth for sure, soreness is the breakdown of muscle tissue it’s the chemical released during that breakdown. It’s not the indicator of getting stronger. If you’re soreness persists for longer than 72 hours that could be a sign that you’re under recovering or overtraining.

 16- You’ll See Huge Result in 1 Month

One month is not enough to undo a lifetime of bad habits so it’s important to start slow find the things that you enjoy, find the physical activities that makes you feel good. Make that a daily habit.

 17- There are Good and Bad Workouts

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. There’s no one type of movement that you should be doing that is better than the other. So if you dancing go out and dance or do a dancing cardio class, something that gets you moving if you like to jump on trampolines, do that. I think the best movement for anyone to do is something that they enjoy because the only that you gonna stick to your workout being the lifestyle for you.

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