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One of the most important factors in deciding to buy a good pair of jeans is its comfort. Even most trendy design may fail if it is not comfortable in wearing and day to day use. Before buying a good pair of jeans every customer tries it and makes his opinion whether to purchase the jeans or not. Let’s discuss the factors which play important part in buying jeans. 

Fabric of Jeans

The fabric of jeans plays an important role in decision of a customer in selecting a good pair of jeans . One of the most preferred fabrics for jeans is cotton. But to maintain the shine and mobility of the jeans it is blended with polyester and spandex. Polyester maintains the shine and fresh look of jeans whereas spandex plays an important role in mobility and stretch of the cloth.

Stitching Of Jeans  

Stitching of jeans is very important as it is that part of the jeans which maintains the cloth in its original place. There are many types of stitching techniques that are used in sewing a cloth like Lock sew, chain sew, etc. In jeans mainly Lock sew is used and preferred for hem and for in seam and out seam chain sew is used. Tailors always use good quality of threads to sew the in seam and colorful yet strong thread for outer seam to make the jeans more attractive. Mainly outer seam is stitched with contrasting color like cream, brown, almond color, etc.

Stress Points

It is very important of any jeans to be best at its stress points. To explain it further stress points are those points of jeans on which the weight and pressure of person is applied. Whether in running or doing any hard work there are some areas like knees, thighs, back & waistband experiences some extra pressure then the usual. So it is very important to have a good stitch on those areas. 

These are the few factors that are important to understand before buying a new pair of jeans   

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