How To Reduce love Handles ?

How To Reduce love handles -

How are you all? I am back with a new Blog. You have already seen the Title And many of you will expect that I am going to share some workouts which will reduce your love handles. But you need to understand that there is no such thing as spot reduction. You can train your abs, obliques but there is no particular exercise that can reduce the fat of your specific area. But don't be scared. In today's blog, I will share 8 such tips! By Following them, you can reduce your love handles.

Reduce Side Fat

So let's start Blog. To reduce love handles, you have to understand one thing. that you have to reduce your overall body fat and maintain a very healthy lifestyle. With this, our first point comes in. Eat food with a high thermic effect. First of all, let us understand what is the thermic effect. The energy your body needs to digest any food item This means the calories, that have to be spent for the digestion of any food is the thermic effect of the food. That's why I want to explain to you

That you should choose such food items in your diet which have high thermic effects. means, your body has to spend more calories to digest that food item. When you eat carbohydrates and fat the body has to spend 5 to 10 % of the calories, you get from it to digest them. Same Time When You Consume Protein
the body has to spend 20 to 30 % percent of the calories, you get from it to digest them. Here it is understood that all of you should follow a high protein diet. But at the time, you can not ignore carbohydrates and fat. And along with this eat natural food as much as possible. Avoid processed food. Because natural food has a high thermic effect.

Include maximum fruits and vegetables in your diet. Because of the calories you get from them, the body has to spend almost the same amount of calories in its digestion By doing all this your calories will be maintained and your body fat percentage will decrease. And when your body fat percentage decreases, then your love handles will automatically get reduced. The second point which I want to explain to all of you is to include good fat in your diet. A lot of people think that consuming fat makes them fat. Yes, having bad fat will make you fat. That's why it is important to include good fat in your diet.


Even, your waistline also gets reduced if you consume good fat Because good fat keeps your stomach full for a long duration So you will consume fewer calories. And If you do not consume enough good fats in your diet then it would give negative effects on the hormone that helps in reducing body fat percentage. It has been found in a study that people who eat enough good fat their body fat percentage remains low. That's why the calories you intake in a day it's 20% should be good fat. So you should include these food items in your diet like almonds, Peanuts, fish, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.

The third tip is, include HIIT in your workout schedule. You have to perform a HIIT workout after strength training at least 3 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes. Why?
Because when you will perform strength training your Glycogen will deplete. immediately after that, By performing a HIIT workout your body will use stored fat as energy And this will help you a lot in reducing your overall fat. Even HIIT workout is very effective for reducing love handles and belly fat. So that's why, thrice a week after strength training you should include workouts like Burpee, mountain climbing, jumping jack, etc.
And people who want to do HIIT workouts can follow the Blogs on our second channel exercise The next tip is, reduce alcohol intake.
As you all know Drinking too much alcohol slowly damages your liver And reduces your ability to work. Because of which it could not metabolize fat And the amount of fat in your body starts increasing. Especially around your middle sections And this is the reason why your love handles turns out. many types of alcohol like wine, beer contain such a high amount of calories that you have seen those who consume alcohol, their stomach is protruding.
No Alcohol
And with drinking alcohol, people eat so much unnecessary food because of that their weight starts increasing. So if you want to reduce your love handles, then minimize the consumption of alcohol. And I will suggest that you should completely avoid it. And if you want to drink something, then why not drink something which will benefit our health also. For that, you can drink AURIC MEN'S ENERGY DRINK. This is a unique combination of white Musli, Ashwagandha, and Gokhshuru that too in coconut water This Ayurvedic drink will increase your strength and stamina relieves stress and fatigue.

And help you stay energized throughout the day All the natural herbs that have been used in this drink will boost your testosterone and will also keep sexual health good. This is 100% natural and no preservatives and chemicals are used in it. That means it is safe to use. Along with it is low in calories. In the description box, a link to the auric website has been given, by clicking on which you can check it out The next step to reduce love handle is to reduce sugar intake. Sugar has a low thermic effect and it is high in calories that to empty calory. One of the main reasons for the fat which deposits around your belly area is High sugar Consumption

And due to excessive sugar intake, the circulating Insulin levels increased And insulin insensitivity decreases Due to which your body starts storing more fat. And it also becomes difficult to burn the stored fat. Also, sugar is very addictive So, if you want to reduce your love handles stop eating sugar in any form. And from today eliminate foods like packed juices, cold drinks, biscuits, etc. A sixth suggestion which I would like to give to all of you. Is Lift weight. In the gym, people do different oblique exercises to reduce love handles As I told you at the beginning of the Blog that no particular exercise can not reduce fat from any specific area.

So, oblique exercise is fine But from today itself you should add strength training to your workout schedule So you can spend high calories and build your muscles as well include more compound movements In your strength training Like the deadlift, squat, bench press, etc It will help you a lot With this when your lean muscle mass will increase Your resting metabolic rate will also increase And all this will help you a lot to reduce love handles. The seventh tip is to avoid refined carbs As I said in the Blog. We cannot avoid carbs

So include good carbohydrates in your diet And avoid refined carbs like breakfast cereal Fine flour, white bread, pasta, Maggie, etc Due to less fiber present in refined carbs, they digest easily And immediately spike insulin and you feel hungry constantly due to which you start eating more Avoid refined carbs as much as possible Include more complex carbs like oats, sweet potatoes, etc. These changes in your lifestyle will help you to lose love handles. The eighth and last step is adequate sleep. People will say that what is the connection between love handles and sleep There is.

Because those who sleep less, their cortisol level starts increasing Which is a stress hormone Due to which your body starts storing more fat and your muscle mass starts decreasing According to a study, people who sleep less than 5 hours, have more belly fat That's why you need to take quality sleep of 7 to 8 hours And the best time is 10 pm to 6 am Before ending the Blog, I want to ask all of you whether you understood or not I mean to say that, exercise is not sufficient to reduce love handle You have to change your whole lifestyle You have to follow the mentioned things in the Blog will keep making Blogs like this I will keep coming here like this

Top Exercise to Get Rid of Love Handles?

How To Reduce love handles -

Specific exercises that can help tone and tighten the mid-section include:

• Abdominal scissors

o Lay on your back with hands at your sides or under your glutes for back support
o Extend legs straight, then cross the legs over each other, alternating the leg that crosses on top; or alternate legs going straight up and down
o Don’t let the legs drop to the floor
o Make sure your core is engaged and your lower back is pressed onto the floor

• Plank

o Lay down on your belly and prop yourself forearms and toes, head facing the floor
o Engage the abdominal muscles and keep the body in a straight line
o Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the floor
• Mountain climbers
o Start in a plank position
o Bring the right knee up and across the body, past the stomach to the left elbow, keeping the back and arms straight and core engaged
o Return to a plank position and repeat on the other side

• Side plank

o Lie down on the right side and prop the body up using the right elbow and hand, with the left foot stacked on top of the right foot
o Raise your hips and buttocks towards the ceiling
o Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the floor
o Repeat the on the other side
• Russian twists
o Begin in a seated position with knees bent, feet hip-width apart
o Lean the upper body backward to a 45-degree angle, keeping the back straight
o Engage the core and twist the upper body to the left and place hands on the floor, then twist to the right and place the hands on the floor

• Woodchoppers

o Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and raise both arms above the head on the left-hand side
o Bring hands down toward the floor on the right-hand side of the body as you perform a squat while twisting the mid-section and hips
o Perform several times and repeat on the other side

• Consult a doctor or physical therapist before starting any new exercise program. Always follow proper form for all exercises, and stop if something hurts.

What Diets Work to Get Rid of Love Handles?

Just as there is no specific exercise to get rid of love handles, there is no way to quickly reduce love handles with diet. Fad diets may help you drop pounds quickly and maybe even inches off your waistline, but most of that will likely be water weight and it will be temporary. Losing love handles comes down to old fashioned diet and exercise, which are key factors in determining how much fat is in our bodies.

Diet tips to help get rid of love handles include:

• Reducing sugar intake

o The body needs very little sugar and any excess is stored as fat
o Cut down on sugars in empty carbohydrates such as cookies, cake, and white bread

• Consuming a plant-based diet

o Beans, lentils, peas, and chickpeas (called pulses) are high in fiber and plant protein and help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce overall body fat
o People who consume whole grains lose more body fat than those who eat processed grains

• Intermittent fasting

o Based on the concept that humans were designed to eat for short periods followed by hours (and sometimes days) of fasting
o There are no food or caloric restrictions, but restrictions on WHEN to eat
o Popular methods include 16/8 (8 hours of eating followed by 16 hours of fasting), the “Eat-Stop-Eat” method (two 24-hour fasts per week on non-consecutive days); and the 5/2 method (only 500 calories for 2 non-consecutive days, and 5 days of normal eating per week)
o Intermittent fasting has been shown to help reduce body fat

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