How to Style Black Jeans


Black denim has been a wardrobe staple for a long time. You can dress up in black denim by teaming it with different apparel. They are suitable for night events and semi-formal occasions as they offer a more formal look than the traditional blue denim. The various ways to style black denim are discussed below:

Denim Shirt

Blue denim shirt works well with black denim trousers. It creates a contrast and breaks the monotony and heavy look of regular denim on denim look. If the weather is cooler, then adding one more layer in the form of a t-shirt under the denim shirt will be perfect. Wear boots or sneakers to polish off this look.

Dress Shirt

A pair of jeans is versatile apparel. You can use black denim trousers to dress up for smart casual or semi-formal occasions. Teaming a good quality dress shirt with black denim can help you make a lasting impression. This combination can be used for night events and semi-formal gatherings. You can add more style and elegance to this look by sporting a blazer, leather jacket, or bomber jacket. Remember to wear only leather dress shoes with this combination and avoid sneakers or any other casual shoes.

Denim Jacket

Blue denim jacket worn over a pair of black jeans is another elegant and simple combination you can try. You should try to sport blue and black denim jackets with jeans. Other lighter shades like off-white and crème can be difficult to carry and should be avoided. Try to add another layer of clothing by wearing a contrasting t-shirt inside the denim jacket. you can complete the look by teaming the outfits with white sneakers or black/brown boots.

Leather Jacket

Teaming your black jeans with a leather jacket is one of the classiest looks you can try. Black denim and black leather jacket are a timeless combination that never goes out of fashion. Try to wear a black biker leather jacket that is well worn and comfortable. If you are more adventurous, try wearing a blue or brown jacket with black denim. The key to getting this look right is to ensure a good fit. The jacket should neither be too tight to make you uncomfortable nor too loose to make you look shabby.

Right Footwear for Black Jeans

Wearing the right footwear makes a lot of difference to your style quotient. You can wear classic sneakers with black denim to create a timeless look. Always prefer to wear black leather dress shoes with black denim when dressing up for semi-formal occasions. Brown boots or shoes do not work well with black denim and should be avoided. Other casual shoes like loafers, boat shoes, etc. also combine well with black jeans to give you a stylish look.


Black jeans can make you look stylish and dapper. You can define your style statement by dressing up in a pair of black jeans. You can try shopping at to find a wide range of black denim at affordable prices.

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