How to Wear Streetwear Hoodies: A Style Guide

Gone were the days when a hoodie will instantly identify you as a robber or with the bad guys. A lot has changed, and this humble streetwear no longer identifies you as part of the wrong crowd.

Thanks to the ingenuity of many noted designers the hoodie has evolved from being a default uniform of angry teens to a hot item of the world’s well-dressed men. The hoodie is no longer identified as hip-hop, heavy metal, skater, and sports attire, it has cemented its role as a versatile piece of clothing in fashion.

To wear streetwear hoodies, you must take cues from well-dressed men who make wearing them effortlessly chic. But before we go straight into our recommendations, let us look at the origin of your beloved hoodies.

Its Humble Beginnings

Just like other iconic pieces in fashion like jeans, hoodies also have their humble beginnings. This piece of clothing began when sportswear label Champion began making sweatshirts in the early 1930s. They added hoods to these sweatshirts to protect the athletes and workers against the elements. The design addition paid off as the demand dramatically increased and soon the sweatshirts were flying off the shelves.

The demand for the garment was constant but it remained as a basic piece of clothing and not a fashionable item. However, the hoodies found their place when the young hip-hop community adopted them as a core staple.

Later, another subculture, skate, and punk adopted them as their defining fashion statement. Its reign dominates the 80s and the 90s as the symbol of rebellion and practicality.

The hoodie did not veer away from its roots as its association with sports did not waiver and manufacturers did not stop releasing new designs and fabrics.

Today, the hoodie is having some sort of renaissance. The emergence of streetwear brands including Stussy, Supreme, and Palace ushered in a new era for the hoodies. Thanks to clever designers adopting a more relaxed dress code and athletic-inspired clothing, the humble hoodie was given a complete revamp. The hoodie is no longer confined to wearing around the house or gym but something to include in your #ootd.

What Makes a Good Hoodie

Today’s hoodies are less about invisibility and performances. It is more about versatility, quality craftsmanship, and of course, a nice fit. We are giving you some tips on how to find the best hoodies around.


The hoodie is such a versatile piece of clothing. You can even put it on a pullover or a sweater. So, when choosing a color for your hoodie, it has to be of subtle color for it to complement your outfit. You can also have it in a signature bold color with logos to make the outfit alive. The color depends on the look you are going for and how much are you willing to take.


If you are aiming for versatility, it pays to invest in a hoodie made with high-quality materials. Don’t settle for less than 100% cotton or the quality loopback version. Hoodies in premium materials with silk or suede lining are pricey but super comfortable. You can also try the interesting new fabrics that high-end brands are coming up with. They are worth the try.


A premium hoodie does not only come in great materials. You should also pay attention to the quality of its zips and drawstrings. If you are particular with the fit don’t stop until you find the right one. Get into the mindset of treating your hoodie as a basic piece of clothing. Try investing in the best hoodie that you can afford.

Here’s How to Wear a Hoodie in Multiple Ways

Hoodies come in two designs: the zipped variety that works like a blazer and the pullover that is roomier. You can wear the former zipped or open. On the other hand, the pullover variety can come with higher necklines, slide slits, or without the ribbed hem. Here is how you can style your streetwear hoodie.

The Layered Look

While we are advocating for the power of a hoodie to elevate an outfit, we cannot dismiss the idea of including it as part of a layered look. The result is amazing as the hoodie looks unassuming but powerful.

Adding a cashmere hoodie would look great for a day in the city. It can leave you warm and look sharp at the same time.

How to achieve this look: Wear the zip-up hoodie over a white shirt, slim-fitting bottoms, and trainers. Add a jacket or overcoat to finish it off.

The Athleisure Look

Comfort and coolness should never go out of style. And we are here for it. In the case of athleisure, you have to thank those clever designers for making them look fabulous. To make you look like you did not just come out of the gym. Hoodies are now in a heavier yet softer fabric and the fit is clean and a little sharper.

How to achieve this look: To have the full athleisure look, go for black-on-black hoodies and fitted joggers. Pair it with a pair of minimalist leather shoes and you are all good.

Under a Leather Jacket

A high-low mix is not for everyone but a hoodie and leather jacket combi can be a pairing that will look good on you for many seasons. Since the hoodies have greatly improved in quality and fit, guys are willing to invest in well-made designs that they can wear on various occasions. It is the perfect off-duty look that will make you look good.

How to achieve this look: use a black leather jacket and dark pants as your base. You can experiment with different colors of hoodies beneath the jacket and match it with a pair of Chelsea boots in leather or suede for a smart look.

The Tailored Look

Who says that you cannot wear a hoodie under a tailored suit. Give the high-low mix a twirl by wearing a hoodie under the suit. If you want to sharpen your look and rip the traditional fashion manual, try layering a hoodie with an unstructured suit.

How to achieve this look: It’s a sports-meet-suit look that anybody can pull. Wear a mid-weight hoodie and a suit, both in shades of grey, then add white lace-up sneakers. It will give you that wow factor.

The bottom line is your beloved hoodie is more than a basic wardrobe staple. It is now a fashion material that can elevate a look without trying too much.

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