What to Wear: Joggers In and Out of the Gym

Are you sick and tired of working out in your sweatpants? Are you wondering how to elevate your look and raise your clothing game?

Joggers are the better-looking cousin of sweatpants. They are usually cut closer to your leg so you have a smoother, more stylish silhouette. You've probably seen a lot of female celebrities wearing joggers, but men can rock the look as well.

If you're wondering how to wear joggers, we'll take you through a variety of choices that will look good at the gym, at work, and at night. Are you wondering what to wear with joggers? Everything!

At the Gym

We all know that we should wear a t-shirt when we're working out, right? If t-shirts are too constricting, then find a nice tank top to wear at the gym. Or, if you're in great shape, go ahead and take your shirt off.

Joggers are great for the gym because they protect your legs from the gym equipment. We've all had that experience of getting bruised up from walking into the side of the workout machines.

You should also wear joggers at the gym because they look nice. Nobody wants to wear spandex anymore, and it's a pain to remember to bring shorts to the gym in winter. Keep your joggers on and you'll look great.

The big question about joggers is whether you should wear socks with them. Socks are optional because not everyone likes to wear them. If you're going to skip socks with your trainers, make sure you get a little foot spray to keep them fresh.

At Work

The great thing about joggers is that you can dress them up for work. Even if you work at an office, you can put on a blazer and a smart scarf.

Try to get joggers in black and grey because they'll go with everything. Don't be afraid to wear a plaid blazer, for example, or one of our distinctive hoodies. So much of style is expressing your own personality. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors.

If colorful outfits aren't your thing, get a black hoodie or a black pullover sweater with black joggers. You can always put a little bit of color into your shoes or wear a nice hat with a bit of flair.

If your work is more formal, wear black joggers with a nice button-down shirt. Nobody's going to stop you from being comfortable in the office all day. Take the time to find a pair of loafers or dressier sneakers. Office culture has changed so much that there are very few businesses that make you wear suits anymore.

Finally, if you work from home, you can wear whatever you want! We offer a full line of joggers and apparel for men. Joggers are great because they're so comfortable, you'll forget you've got them on!

At Night

Looking for a great club or bar outfit? Find some shoes that go with joggers and paint the town red! You're looking for a cool pair of trainers or even sharp loafers if that's your style.

The most important thing about choosing your jogger style is to make sure you feel comfortable and attractive. If you want to wear your joggers and a t-shirt to go out, go right ahead! Fitted white t-shirts look great with joggers of any color.

You might want to avoid wearing the same color t-shirt as joggers. Unless you're wearing black on top and on bottom: that's fine. An all-white outfit might work well, but look at yourself in the mirror before you go out on the town. Make sure that you're not mixing colors and patterns together.

If you're new to the style game, get a friend to weigh in on your outfits and help you make sure you look nice. It can't hurt to have an extra set of eyeballs before you have a night out.

Finding the Right Shoes

Shoes, like joggers, are all about your personality. If you have a bold streak, go ahead and wear those yellow shoes. It'll be a conversation starter at work or the bar. Try to pick a color that won't show dirt: they'll last longer and you'll look better when you go out.

You've got your basic trainers, then you've got your brand name trainers. You might want to invest in some high-dollar trainers because they last a long time and are easy to clean.

If you need to make sure your outfit goes together, get a solid color jogger and pair it with a colorful sneaker. Get the same color shirt as your sneakers and you will look very nice, indeed. But don't match your joggers to your shoes: that is a little bit too much.

Take your time and find shoes that you like. If you're wearing dress shoes, you want to get some black, brown, or blue dress socks. You shouldn't wear white athletic socks with dress shoes because it doesn't look quite right.

What to Wear With Joggers

You can wear anything you want with joggers. We've shown you how to take your joggers from the gym to the club. If you want to add a baseball cap or hat, go right ahead.

People want to be comfortable in their clothing. Nobody wants to wear a suit anymore, and khakis and button-downs aren't for everyone. You can rock a polo shirt, a t-shirt, or a hoodie with joggers and nobody will even blink an eye. The question isn't what to wear with joggers; the question is what can't you wear with them!

Style should make you feel confident and relaxed. If you feel like your joggers are too tight, go up a size. Don't worry about what size you're wearing or if you should lose weight. Keep going to the gym and make yourself comfortable while you're on your weight loss journey.

Whether you're wearing a t-shirt or a blazer, make sure that you're putting outfits together that look nice. Check out our shop and find everything you need to get your look together.

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