Please Don’t Let Low-Rise Jeans Make a Comeback

The 2000s was the highest peak of the low-rise jeans, but please, don’t let the pun make a literal manifestation. Maybe Paris Hilton rocked it, Britney took advantage of it, but they are celebrities who have their every outfit planned out. Their closets are not put together for practical everyday life, so avoid assuming that having the low-rise jeans back from the dead will add flavor to your style.

Unless you are someone who allows the shallow trends over social media to swallow you, you have every reason to stand up against the fashion apocalypse of the low-rise jeans comeback. Here are few things you need to remind yourself and everyone you care about when it comes to the horrifying low rise jeans:

Reasons to NEVER revive low-rise jeans:

Butt crack exposure is a BIG NO.

You don’t want to witness other people’s butt crack publicly, and you don’t want yours violating their sight. Your butt is not a slot machine where a cold coin can effortlessly slip in.

Except if you fancy showcasing your underwear, men will still end up taking your signals and respond accordingly, like objectify you. That feeling of sexiness can be addictive, but at the end of the day, your self-respect shouldn't be thrown out of the window for fashion trend’s sake.

It’s EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY for your crotch.

There’s no worse discomfort in the world than feeling constricted down there. The teeny-tiny harsh fabric will be in contact with your crotch area all the time, almost like having a cast, but digs a bit more to your skin.

USELESS pockets.

Well, there’s no point having pockets when they don’t do the work. Isn’t it’s always better to walk around without having to worry about your coins or keys or having to carry a bag or pouch? Those accessories will get in the way of your movement.

Low-rise jeans are designed with pockets, but really, they’re worthless.

It promotes ANOREXIA.

Eating disorders are no joke. You don’t want to be starving your life away to feel good enough wearing low-rise jeans.

It’s evil to sacrifice your health for the sake of fitting into some tight jeans that don’t even feel comfortable in the first place.

Besides, men prefer meat and curves over bones.

It just doesn’t work as casual attire.

It’s a basic standard of maturity to know how to respect yourself, including your body, as well as what signals you’re giving out to society. 

Having big chunks of your body on view isn’t considered casual. Casual is relaxed, yet smart enough to get you going through your routines without any troubles, like butt crack exposure or painful crotch.

You CAN’T FLAIR it up. 

If low-rise jeans don’t work as casual, they just won’t with anything in an attempt to spice up the look. Low-rise jeans are some kind of alien that doesn’t fit in any occasion unless it’s young Britney wearing them as part of her job.


Sitting will be a nightmare, step-ups will hurt a lot, and crouching down will cost you your dignity. Yes, you can walk, but restrictively. But is that all you do? NO. Low-rise jeans straight up don’t have a seat in our fast phased modern living.

You’ll run out of belts.

Is there any sense in using a belt, when belts won’t even do their jobs on low-rise jeans? Low-rise jeans’ waistline is way far from the actual waist, let alone upper hips, where the natural curve of your body will allow the belt to hinge right.

You will pull your belt all the time to lift low-rise jeans back to a bearable position, and you will need to pull it so often you’ll break them in no time.

Your BETTER options?

Opt for high-waist jeans as well as boyfriend jeans. It’s a no-brainer how these 2 are the most comfortable jeans, yet they provide a butt-flattering fit. You can also opt for some leggings or jeggings (jean-designed leggings). No worries about your after-lunch tummy. No painful movements. No disgracing yourself. 

Not only that, they come in different fabrics that you can choose from according to whichever occasion you need them for. Mix-matching those with your closet items are also very easy. 

Take Away

Your self-respect and comfort are more valuable than any sexy feeling from low-rise jeans. Besides, your sexiness will easily be identified by people who are naturally attracted to you, to who you are.

TikTok stars might be convincing enough to push for some low-rise jeans into your life, but you better think twice. Trice. Multiple times.

Don’t let yourself down. Please do not let low-rise jeans make a comeback. Reread this article every time you feel tempted. Share this read with women you care about and save them from headaches. 


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