Top 10 Fashion Brand in Canada

Canada is a country with great fashion sense, known for its stylish brand and clothes wearing Canada has given same top brand to the Globe in the world of fashion.

This article will name some best brand rise in Canada, and why these brands are popular, what they offer. Some of these are finding comfort in your clothing. These entire brands provides comfortable and offer the latest and trendy fashion.

1. Canada Goose


Canada Goose has collection of the best winter clothing. It provide with exclusive jackets and sweatshirts. They have available for all range men, women and kids. Canada Goose started its journey in a small warehouse in Toronto. It’s been 60 years and now become one of the most favorite companies as it provides amazing variety. Company expanded since his son-in-law joined and launched Metro Sportswear. This company is always ready to the best quality product for their customers.

2. Mutton Head


Another option for some amazing clothing is Mutton head. It is located in Toronto, is a unisex clothing company. It provides magnificent clothing. They have good knowledge on control the quality of the product.

The best thing is that gives the guarantee for fair trade practices. You can visit pinterest to showcase their best-designed clothing.

The best thing about Muttonhead is they never runs out of fashion and provides marvelous clothing.

3. United Stock Dry Goods


United Stock Dry Goods is a Toronto based company, the next leading clothing brand. Particularly famous for the variety and the quality of men’s wear that it provides.

The company was founded in 2012, gives a solid modern touch to classic clothes. Designers make the versatile and function of the clothes shouldn’t be compromised.

4. Smythe


Smythe is the marvelous Canadian clothing brands. It was established in 2010. Smythe started small and has not looked back since the company kept growing.

The aim of this company is to provide clothing for all of its customers through one wide gate with the entire requirement in all range of price, quality or material design. They also want to make their customers rely on them for the latest fashion.

It is one of the best Canadian brands as it provides fashionable clothing.

5. Reigning Champ


The reigning camp is a Toronto-based company, provides the best Canadian clothing. It designs and manufactures some of the most exceptional clothing.

Sportswear is the feature clothes are provides for both men and women. Reigning Champ is one of the best Canadian clothing brands, provides comfortable clothing for sports.

The sports clothing of Reigning Champ is also available to you on online and you can check their website.


6. Herschel Supply


Herschel Supply is a famous brand. It is popular for its clothing and offer unbelievable range of Backpacks and hip packs.

Herschel Supply’s clothing has included some of the unique and awesome clothing. They provide various types of clothes which is mostly suitable in monsoon. These clothes belong to the best rainwear section.

Herschel provides the best quality winter wear like long sleeves, crewnecks, and fashionable jackets. The Herschel supply’s products also include shorts, pants, and hoodies.

7. Dime


Dime clothing is next in the list of the best Canadian clothing brands, based out of Montreal based store, now available online too! Check their wesite.

They provide both bright and light color clothing, according to the latest trends. Dime clothing is really comfortable, making sure comfort not been compromised.

They have an amazing collection of everything that you need in your clothing. They have totally nailed fast fashion and comfort as well.

8. Lifetime Collective


Lifetime collective is another best Canadian clothing brands, provides you with some amazing and unique designs.

They are also footwear, which you can always mix and match with the outfits as per it suits you.

There is a superb collection of bottoms and tops, with amazing jackets offered are even more impressive.

The best thing about the jackets, huge variety of styles in the jackets with best price suits your budget and styles.


9. Roots, Toronto


Roots is a fashion brand established in 1973 and has offered the most fashionable clothing items since then. It is popular, especially for this quality.

They believe in the importance of relief, quality and design style, which let their customer to enjoy their everyday life with happiness. It offers amazing clothing as well as impressive collection of footwear.

10. Sizeup Apparel

 Size Up Apparels

Size Up is a clothing line, offering an extensive collection of apparel and fitness products.

Founded in 2012, Size Up continually strives to provide personalized product. Offer Gym Clothes & Fitness walk- In-Store & Online Shop by Size Up Apparel. The products like, Wear for Men: Tanks, Shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Joggers, Shorts, Hats, and accessories; For Women: Leggings, shorts, sports bra, and many more.

Size Up has always been a customer-centric brand with the lowest market prices without compromising the quality.
Size Up is committed to providing the best customer service. Customer-oriented approach has been one of the main drivers of growth.

WHY Size Up

  • A broader selection of products.
  • Excellent buying experience, quick resolution of any concern.
  • On-time delivery of products

    visit: and suit up the best styles with the best brand SizeUp.


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