Top 5 Gym Wear for Men


Working out to get a sizzling body is always worth to sweat out your ass off for. If your determination towards shaping your body as well as your gym wear game is strong, then you are almost there my friend!

Right gym wear is as important as the right technique to perform a certain set of exercise. Your gym clothes must provide you flexibility while working out yet accentuate your well worked out body. Gym clothes, nowadays are expected to be comfortable yet classy.

If you are really dedicated towards setting up some serious toned body goals then you are bound to wear some comfy, windswept and flexible clothes. To ease up your decision of best gym wear, here’s a list of some of the highly recommended gym clothes-

Top wear

  • Tank top-

A tank top consists of a sleeveless shirt with low neck and different shoulder straps width. The fitting of tank tops is relaxed and a little loose, which is why you can perform all your gym activities freely.

The sleeveless cut ensures that your arms get enough unrestricted space for the biceps. As far as the ventilation during the gym exercises is concerned, tank tops are on the top of gym wears for men.

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You can use a tank top for your workouts and also to show off your hard-earned body on your rest days.


  • Curved Hem Cut Off-

The curved hem cut off will highlight your masculine features and will make you stand out in the gym for your classy gym wear choice.

These are made up of breathable lightweight fabrics that are perfect for arduous activities. For comfort plus style, you can always choose a curved hem cut off and rock your gym session like a pro!

Size up top Wear


  • T-shirts-

There is nothing we don’t know about the friendly features of a t-shirt. A t-shirt is everybody’s go to buddy for any occasion. But as far as the gym session is concerned, a t-shirt could be your best friend, it is comfortable, casual, flexible and will rake up your body features like no other top wear ever could.

A body hugging t-shirt will be the icing on the cake for your well worked out body.


In winter, all these could be worn with zip ups, jackets and windbreakers on your way to the gym.

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Bottom wear

  • Cargo shorts-

Normal shorts are out of style. Cargo shorts are more hot to add in your gym clothes. With breathable fabric and trendy design, these cargo shorts add fun to your gym session.

Choose these over everything while going for the gym as these are airy, comfortable and best in quality to provide the flexibility while sweating your ass off in the gym.

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  • Cargo Joggers-

Since cargo joggers are lightweight, have stretchable material and breathable fit, these last through tough leg days and wash cycles without rasping against your legs.

Whatever physical activity it is, these cargo joggers keeps you going, you can power through any workout routine and stay in form comfortably because these joggers won’t let you down.

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Slay your gym session with the trendy gym wear collection and add abs to your body in style no one has ever seen. It’s high time you add charm to your body as well as your clothes!

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