Top 6 Common Gym Mistakes

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another Blog. and the topic for today's Blog is 'Top 6 Beginner's Workout Mistakes' which are Small mistakes you make while working out as a beginner. that you should be avoided if you want to achieve your goals. Also, these mistakes are not made up by me These are some common mistakes that I have seen

People making gyms around. And my advice to you is not to make these mistakes during your workout. Let's begin with our Blog. Let's start with the

first mistake

beginners make during their workout which is that they don't perform the exercises with the full range of motion. The range of motion is completely ignored which should not be done because This leads to underdevelopment in the muscles. Let me explain this by demonstrating with a couple of exercises. The first exercise is for the shoulders.

Called dumble press. So that you can understand what I'm trying to explain. In most of the gyms, beginners only move this much. This is just half the range of motion. Whereas I want you all to do the full range of motion. Let me now show you another exercise with these dumbbells. which is called 'Dumbbell curl' In this exercise, most beginners and youngsters select very heavyweight because of which

They are unable to perform the full range. Now, this is half the range of motion and this is the full range of motion. in which you squeeze the muscle properly and stretch it completely. There are many benefits of doing a full range of motion as well first, your muscles will have proper development. Secondly, your joints will get stronger. Third, your mobility will increase.

And fourth, You will be less prone to injuries. Lastly, I would just like to say that you should not make these mistakes while working out. Now, let us talk about the

second mistake

that most of the beginners make while working out. That is, no gripping strength. that means, anyone who works out in the gym, whether they do it with dumbbells, rods or

Hanging chin-ups, the most important thing is how strong your grip is. The stronger the grip more will be the number of repetitions you can perform. All the trainers who train the clients in the gym I would like to request you all not to hand them dumbbells to your clients yourself and once their set is complete, Do not put their dumbbells back because this is a loss for the person who is performing the exercise. That's because for performing the exercise

When you lift your dumbbell, keeping it anywhere you may want to like putting it on the floor to do the exercise, etc., and then putting it back on the rack yourself helps in improving the gripping strength to a great extent. You might not notice it instantly but subconsciously these little things help your muscles to grow and develop strength. I would like to give one more example here about what mistakes we do in 'Bench press' Now, If I want to perform the bench press I will remove the weight from the bar


And put it on the rack, and if I want to increase the weight, I will put it back on the bar again This is a very small activity but, one which makes a big difference because while removing weight my grip is strong and while putting it back the grip is still strong. So you must do this activity on your own rather than asking someone else or the trainer to do it for you.


Avoiding this small mistake will strengthen your grip, no matter whatever you may hold, and it will be beneficial for you every time you perform your workout. Let us now talk about the


third mistake

that beginners generally make. That is, avoiding big lifts. Big lifts mean deadlift, bench press, and squat. I believe that beginners initially don't have a lot of strength. and they generally find a comfort zone in working on their biceps and triceps too much.

For legs, they might do leg extensions, etc. But let me tell you that three exercises which are Deadlift, bench press, and squat should never be missing from your workout. Perform these exercises at least once a week because these will help you in overall strength development. And it will be a good foundation for your strength training. Multiple joints and muscles are involved in these exercises which improves your overall strength and lung capacity. So if you include these exercises in your schedule it becomes a bit easier to perform the rest of the exercises.

My request to you all is that When you perform squats, deadlifts, and bench press, keep the posture correct. and choose your weight wisely to prevent unnecessary injury. But never avoid these exercises. The


fourth mistake

is a bit funny. I have seen many people buying bananas on their way to the gym and entering the gym while eating them Sorry to say but bananas won't give you any energy. Because by the time it is digested your workout would be finished.

This is for all my beginner friends, Whenever you are coming to the gym for a workout, you need to pre-plan. It means that what you eat whether it is banana or oats or a pre-workout meal should be eaten at least one hour before the workout. So that it gets properly digested. Once it is digested, it will give you energy at the right time while you perform your exercise. It will help to increase the intensity of your workout and you can do your best while working out. So please,

If you want to eat bananas, eat them one hour before the workout. The


fifth mistake

generally made by beginners is selecting the weight they cannot command. Yes! You tend to lift such heavyweight that your mind's connection with the muscle is lost So when you workout, please make sure you select the weight which you can control and the weights are not controlling you as it can cause injuries.

And it won't be beneficial as well. For instance, when I'm doing barbell curls, and I swing my body like this with a very heavyweight I will cause unnecessary strain on my joints Lift weights only on which you can have a command. Movement should be slow and controlled Squeeze, contract your muscle and release the weight slowly. Even if the weight is not very heavy, as long as it is contracting and expanding the muscle properly, your muscle is receiving proper training.

So strictly do not 'ego-lift'. If your friend is lifting 10-20kgs you don't need to lift the same weight as well. Always make sure that the selection of your weight should not affect your posture and All exercises should be performed in the correct posture only. Keep your posture right. Also, do not perform a very low number of repetitions At least 8-10 repetitions are necessary and the weight should be selected in accordance. Perform the exercises in a better way. The

sixth mistake

is the lack of focus or you can call it 'lazy training'

I have seen many people in many gyms who have different goals Some want to lose weight. Some want to gain weight Some want to increase their strength. Some want to enhance their endurance. But to achieve all of these goals, The most important thing is the focus. After all, when you training for a purpose How can you be lazy? For example, after finishing their set, many girls and boys,

Check their texts, check out their Instagram posts, stories, etc All I'm trying to say is during your workout, whether it is 50 minutes or 10 minutes long nobody works out longer than that. In that duration, your focus should be, in the exercise, every repetition you perform has a purpose You should stay focused while your workouts. only then you will get the desired results for which you are investing your time. So avoid these mistakes.

So that you can achieve your goals quickly and effectively. This is all for today's blog in which I have shared some small mistakes made by beginners which should not be made. If you like this Blog, Do press the like button. Thank you so much. I will see you soon. Goodbye.

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