What NOT to Do in the Denim Fashion Industry

What NOT to Do in the Denim Fashion Industry

Jeans is the most popular wear for both men and women. Jeans are more durable, strong, comfortable and presented in variable style are reason for its popularity. However, there are few things you should keep in mind while wearing jeans. Here are things not to do in denim fashion industry.

This is industry, we analyze a different industry. Today we’re looking at What not to do in the denim fashion industry. Here we often talk about famous clothing or gym wear. But what about digging into the whole industry. The fashion industry not as we know today, has been around for a long time.

Wearing Boot-Cut jeans with Sandals

Wearing boot-cut jeans or wearing sandals is not wrong. But you should not wear them together. Boot cut jeans has large cut around the ankles, to place them over the top of the boots. If you are wearing sandals, flip-flops or similar shoes with your boot cut jeans. It will result in the bottom of your jeans dragging on the ground. This bottom dragging your jeans not only damage it, but also looks so bad it might ruin your fashion look.

Black Jeans with a Brown Belt

Black has become the most popular and universal color for wearing in any fashion dress. Black has replaced many traditional light blue and indigo blue jeans. If you’re going to wear a black jean, do not match it with brown belt. Look at the rule book, black and brown do not mix. If you wear these color in the same outfit, it will make a clash in your appearance. It will never work out at it same. You should always prefer wearing black belt and jeans which will never contradictory with each other.

Overlook the Rise

The ‘Rise’ in the denim is where the jeans put on your hip when you wear it. There could be three way of rise depending upon the fitting of jeans. Standard fit should have worn on the mid of your waist, known as mid-waist rise. High-rise denim the jeans should be put higher above the hips. Low rise jeans are the low waist jeans, and put a bit lower the hips. Both high waist and low waist jeans have made a comeback in the fashion after many long years. There is the fun and style than wearing regular fitted waist jeans. Regular waist jeans just look so regular and there nothing much in style you can do with regular waist jeans.

Too many Holes

Wearing a rocking distressed denim jeans and old, torn out jeans, are different things. There is thin line in between two. Distressed jeans typically have patches of discolor fading and frayed fabric. You would choose a jean with larger holes, ripped from everywhere.  Such extreme damage isn’t preferred as a best jean to wear, its occurs from improper use and used over the course of several years. If your jeans reached a point where it can not be worn anymore, then you should not force wear it. Replace it with a good pair of new denim.

Low Quality Denim

Thinking all denim are of same quality. Think again. There is different quality of cotton available, thus also many quality of denim too.  If manufacturers use cheap, or low quality of cotton to make denim. This is the final product off their final product, lower quality of jeans. If you want to have good jeans and long lasting comfortable which you should do. Then it suggested to invest in high-quality denim jeans. Such we offer here at sizeupapparel. We brought you the finest quality of denim.

Washing white Jeans with Dark Fabrics

We all know washing is dress, how it works. You should not wash white clothes or white fabric with any colored fabric. Thus make sure you put in separate load. If you wash white jeans with any other colored fabric or dark jeans, it can turn them into darker too. Instead, of getting new pearly white jeans. This is the easiest problem to solve. By washing your whites in separate load or with other white colored fabric. This is not only for white denim, but also for other clothes. You should always wash you colored fabric clothes and white colored fabric separately.

Wearing the wrong size

You will feel guilty of wearing jeans, either bigger or smaller jeans. You might have purchased wrong size at the store. Nevertheless, you must not buy wrong size denim or any other clothes. So, the question is how to find the right size denim. Look in the store at Sizeupapperal denim for the right and best fit denim. The offer of custom size with no additional charge, also you can measure your size with measurement chat. Just specify your body measurement and check out the size chat to get right and perfected fitted pair of jeans. 

 Wrinkled Jeans

When you compared other pants and garment made of non-denim cotton with denim jeans, denim is typically wrinkle-resistant. The thick denim fabric does not get wrinkle easily. However, wrinkles can be formed if not cared or maintained properly. Leaving your denim in the washing machine or dryer, they will get hard wrinkles. Instead of wearing wrinkled jeans, take out time to smooth it out of denim. Run over the hot steam iron over the jean surface, will get to rid of these stubborn wrinkles.

Overlook the Cut

If you updated with our blog, you would be well aware of the different fashion of denim. Such as skinny, straight leg, relaxed fit, loose fit. While choosing a pair of jeans, it’s important to look into the comfort, fashion, size and overall aesthetics. Awkwardly, many people don’t overlook all these part of jeans when choosing denim.

All Jeans is NOT Denim

If you look at a jeans and think it is a denim, then you are wrong for sure. Denim is a type of material used for making jeans. On the other hand, few jeans might contain a secondary material added with denim. Such as stretch jeans are made of both denim and polyester. You can also find real made denim on sizeapperal in denim section. This material, polyester allows the jeans to stretch. Stretch jeans provide more softness and comfortable, though they might more vulnerable to damage.

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