When to Wear Joggers

Also known as sweatpants, joggers are made of a soft and durable cotton blend material that have an elastic band at the feet. Unlike those low-quality sweatpants of the past, modern day joggers have a pant leg stops just above the ankle. The new design of a gym room favorite has thrown joggers into the spotlight of fitness fashion.

Joggers are considered more fashionable than the sweatpants of old, and they are quickly becoming more appropriate for more places than the weight room. Let’s take a look at the best places to wear a quality and stylish pair of joggers.

Specialty Fitness Classes 

Given their durable material, joggers are a natural choice for specialty fitness classes. Not only do they look great, but these stylish workout pants can last during your toughest classes.

Joggers are ideal for CrossFit workouts as they protect the shins from the barbell during deadlifts, stay flexible during burpees and box jumps, and keep the body temperature elevated to burn extra calories.

You can also wear joggers during yoga or Pilates classes. Whether you’re performing Warrior One or Downward Dog, joggers move with your body. No need to worry about your exercise pants ripping during a class. If you take hot yoga, joggers are built to last during that too.

Let’s not forget about the category of people with the same name as the pants: If you’re a runner, then joggers are made for you. These workout pants can go mile for mile, maintaining comfort and durability.

Perfect for Trainers

If you’re a personal trainer, it can be tough to look professional while coaching clients. You obviously aren’t going to wear suit pants on the gym floor – they wouldn’t last a day. If you want to combine a stylish professional look with the durability and flexibility of gym pants, joggers are the perfect choice.

Not only will you stand out on the gym floor, but you’ll be able to get moving right away. Nothing is going to stop you from demonstrating barbell squats or Turkish get-ups.

Best of all, joggers are commercial gym brand friendly. If you have a dress code – which is usually solid color pants - you can easily match a pair of joggers to the colors of your gym.

Running Errands 

We all have those days when the to do list reaches the bottom of the page. Between running to the bank and picking up groceries, you’ll want comfort, and it doesn’t hurt to look good. Joggers offer comfort and style as you move about your day. 

They are perfect for those hands-on errands such as cleaning out the garage, building furniture, or picking up a few things here and there. When you need to look a bit more presentable, such as when you’re going to make a deposit, visiting the doctor, or dropping by an academic class, joggers have you covered. 

Best of all, after you’re done running around all day, you can take a pre-workout supplement then head over to the gym.

Business Meetings 

The business casual style is leaning a lot more to the casual side in most offices. More employers are recognizing the benefit of keeping their employees comfortable. Joggers aren’t just incredible comfortable to wear throughout the work day, they also carry that professional edge. Some styles liken suit pants, allowing you to look the part while enjoying the comfort.

Monday through Friday desk jobs are an ideal environment for joggers. Since you’ll be sitting most of the day, why not be comfortable while doing so? Worst case scenario, if you work in a super professional environment, there’s always Casual Friday.

Relaxed Dates 

Joggers wouldn’t be an ideal choice for a first date. Once the tension is broken and you’re on your third date, joggers will be a fine choice. Why not set the tone for the date to allow you to wear joggers? You’ll be able to stay comfortable while still looking your best. 

Those cliché dating scenes like mini-golf, a movie, and bowling lend themselves to be a perfect environment for both you and your date to relax. Lose the tight dress or the slacks. Go for sneakers and sweatpants. Relax and have fun. Lucky for you, joggers are comfy and stylish. 

For dinner dates, you might be able to get away with joggers, especially if you go for the pair that look a lot like suit pants. You can always play it really safe and sign up the both of you for a fitness event like the Color Run. Then you’ll have a perfect excuse to wear joggers.

Around Town 

Finally, when you’re hanging out with friends or exploring your neighborhood, you can’t go wrong with joggers. In that casual environment with your friends – whether at a bar or Sunday cookouts – joggers give you that relaxed feeling that you might not get during the work week.

Joggers are an obvious choice during Sunday games. Whether you’re cheering from the backyard cookout, or you’re sitting near the field, joggers are great sportswear.

Joggers are as much your workout pants as they are you’re lounging pants. If you’re serious about your fitness results, you’ll rest as hard as you work out. Joggers are ready for both hanging out around town or that brutal leg day workout. They really are one of the most versatile styles of fitness apparel out there.

When Do You Wear Joggers?

Are joggers your preferred fitness apparel during your workouts? If so, what style? Do you wear joggers outside the gym? Where? Let us know in the comments below!

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