Match Your Workout Clothes to Your Workout

Maybe you’re set with a solid workout program or maybe you’re just getting back into an active lifestyle. There’s no need to make your exercise sessions harder than they already are, but if you’re not wearing the correct fitness apparel for your workout, that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Unfortunately, in the world of fitness, there isn’t a one-type clothing that fits all workouts. It’s why there are so many types of shirts, shorts, pants, and other fitness gear. 

Not confident that what you’re wearing is appropriate for the workout you have? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Let’s review your typical workouts – from easiest to the most difficult – and the exercise clothing you should be wearing with each.

Light and Casual 

Taking a Walk: Are you breaking back into fitness and you’re starting with a casual stroll around your neighborhood? Maybe you just need a breather after a long day and a walk is the perfect thing. Either way, stick with comfortable fitness apparel such as joggers or leggings and a cotton t-shirt.

Doing Household Chores: When you’re cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and garage, jeans are far from a comfortable choice. After all, cleaning and organizing around the house works up a sweat and you don’t want your pants sticking to your legs. Go with fitness apparel that is durable but lets your body breathe. We recommend a pair of quality joggers or shorts along with a material blend shirt that wicks away sweat. 

Dad Duty / Soccer Mom: Sometimes you need to watch someone else having a workout, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting around doing nothing. Playing the role of Super Dad or Soccer Mom comes at an exhausting price. Make sure you’re at least comfortable while you’re rushing around town with your junior baseball, football, or soccer player in the car. Joggers are a must and a comfy cut-off hoodie is a nice choice.

Picking Up the Pace 

Going for a Jog: Is it time you upgraded your casual walk into something with a bit more speed? If you’ll be transforming your walk into a moderately-intense jog, then you better make sure you’re wearing shorts and a compression t-shirt. If you’re a morning runner, opt for a workout hoodie to keep you warm.

Getting Familiar with the Weights: Has it been years since you’ve picked up a dumbbell? Is this your first visit to the gym? When you’re getting acquainted with the weight room – or if you’re opting for a light, recovery workout, you should choose something that will allow for comfort and durability without holding sweat. The classic shorts with a rayon-based t-shirt is best.

Workout DVD: Don’t have time to run to the gym? No worries, that’s what exercise DVDs and Blu Rays are for – or you can just hop on YouTube. Either way, make sure you’re comfortable in your living room. Shorts are a solid choice. Pair that with a lifestyle t-shirt or long sleeve shirt.

Heavy Duty Work 

Intense Classes: Have you signed yourself up for some death-defying spin classes? Looking to throw kicks and punches for an hour with a kickboxing class? When you’re using your legs a lot, opt for shorts since they don’t get in the way. A compression t-shirt also pairs nicely with this as it promotes blood flow and doesn’t hold sweat. 

Power and Strength Training: When you are lifting weights that are three or four times your bodyweight, you better make sure your clothes aren’t getting in the way. We recommend a nice pair of form-fitting joggers or leggings. On top of that, go with a durable tank top or tight cut-off. You can also wear a compression shirt since it might help your lifting. 

Hot Yoga: One of the most popular trends in fitness, a hot yoga class improves strength, cardiovascular ability, and heat tolerance. Get ready to work up a sweat as the room has an elevated temperature. You don’t want to be covered in sweat so go with a shirt that wicks it away and shorts that do the same.

Braving the Seasons 

Windy and Rainy Running: You’re super dedicated to your running routine even if it’s windy, cold, and rainy. While your commitment is admirable, your clothing better be playing it safe. A slick material that wicks away sweat and keeps rain off you is best for the joggers. For your shirt, go with a windbreaker that is also water resistant. 

Winter Weights and No Heat: Are you lifting in an old school gym that is heated by the sheer fact that people are in the room? When your gym is lacking (or simply refusing to pay the heating bill), make sure you’re suited up for your warm up. Joggers and a heavy workout hoodie are perfect. 

Heat Wave Workouts: On the flip side, you have that sizzling summer day where it takes everything you have just to motivate yourself to the car. Why punish yourself further with your workout choices? A nice and light pair of shorts coupled with a compression tank top or cut-off shirt is the way to go.

Does Your Fitness Apparel Match Your Workouts? 

Are you properly suited up for your weight lifting, running, or sports-based workouts? Have you ever been ill-prepared before an intense exercise session? Let us know in the comments below!

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