Men's Workout Pants That Won't Make You Look Like Mr. Chicken Legs

Have you been called Mr. Chicken Legs in the gym before? Doesn’t feel good right? But what can you do about those skinny legs of yours while you work on them in the meantime, though? Well, you can cover them up with the right men’s workout pants.

Some things to consider when buying men’s fitness pants:

There are several kinds of men’s workout pants. You can choose from men’s joggers, men’s sweatpants, etc. Some pants can make matters worse and make your legs appear skinnier than they actually are. So the trick is to choose the right men’s training pants that will work for you.

First, make sure that you’re getting something that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t get something that makes you feel self-conscious, because it’ll make it harder for you to concentrate on getting a good workout.

Second, your training pants should fit you well. They shouldn’t be too loose or worse, too tight. There’s no way you’ll get a good workout if you can’t even move your legs, or if you trip on your own hem.

Finally, you need to choose men’s fitness pants that are made from materials that can keep you dry. You don’t want to stink like an old towel once your sweat starts starts to drench your workout clothes.

So what workout pants should men buy?

Below, we scoured the internet to put together some of the best men’s workout pants you can buy.

1. Size Up Burnt Red Acid Cargo Joggers

Size Up Burt Red Acid Cargo Joggers

If you are looking for a pair of men’s workout joggers that are out of the ordinary, then you can consider getting the Size UP Burnt Red Acid Cargo Joggers.

This product is a jogger and cargo pants in one so it combines the look and the comfort of jogger pants with the functionality of cargo pants for muscular legs . With all its pockets, you can bring with you all of your essentials.

This is a stylish pair of workout pants that’s loose at the top and tapers into a closer fit in the calf area for that jogger pants cut that definitely won’t make you look like you have chicken legs.

It’s got a drawstring waistband that can adjust to whatever fit you want it to, and a cuffed ankle hem so give your legs a little more emphasis.

Size Up is a brand that’s known for creating cutting-edge workout apparel for a customer base that have a bolder, more assertive sense of style. The burnt red-orange, acid-washed color of these workoutpants is a definite attention-grabber for sure, so don’t wear this if you’re the timid type.

2. Nike Men's Dry Fleece Training Pants

Nike Men's Dry Fleece Training Pants

If you are looking for workout pants that will allow you to focus on whatever activity it is you are doing and will not distract you, then the Nike Dry Training Pants is perfect for you. This pair is made from a comfortable fleece material that feels good inside and out. 

One of the best things about these pants is that it features a sweat-wicking technology. So no matter how active you get and how hot the weather is, wearing these pants will keep you dry and comfortable.

The elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring ensure a perfect fit all the time even if you are on the move. Side seam pockets allow you to carry small stuff with you while you workout. What really sets this Nike training pants though from other workout pants is its unique design.

It wraps around the leg, giving you total freedom of movement. But don’t worry, this pair won’t make you look like you have chicken legs. Nike is a very popular brand. One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it produces products that are high quality.

This pair of training pants is no exception. You need to be careful when you wash this pair because it has a tendency to pill. Don’t ever make the mistake of putting them in the dryer.

The instructions says machine washable but just put it in gentle cycle or maybe just hand wash it to be safe. You can wear this pair of pants on its own or you can wear tights underneath.

3. PUMA Training Pant

PUMA Training Pant

This pair of training pants features PUMA’s patented dryCELL performance fabric. The fabric has the ability to keep you dry and feeling comfortable in the hottest of days. It also has mesh insets behind the knees to increase breathability.

The ergonomic design of these training pants allows you to meet the demands of rigorous physical training. 

This pair also has an elastic waistband and drawstring tie for an adjustable fit. Thanks to its zippered leg, it’s easy to put on and take off these pants.

PUMA is an established sports apparel brand that’s been designing sportswear since the 1940s. With this in mind, be sure their line is made of quality materials and functional design.

Not only will you cover up your chicken legs with this pair, but these pants even look good enough outside of the gym.

It’s easy to take care of too! They’re machine-washable, so you just need to pop this pair in the washer when it gets dirty.

4. Adidas Climacool Workout Pants

Adidas Climacool Workout Pants

If there’s a brand that can help you hide your legs then count this pair of Adidas Climacool Workout Pants. You don’t have to be an athlete or an active individual to be familiar with this German sports apparel brand.

Made with the Adidas Signature Climacool technology that’s also used in other Adidas apparel such as t-shirts, tank tops, and even jackets, the stretchable fabric in these men’s workout pants can manage heat and moisture, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable while working out.

Apart from being made with quick-drying fabric, these workout pants are also well-ventilated, so your body won’t feel too hot even if your workout intensifies. 

These men’s workout pants have a loose fit in the upper area that then tapers in the calf area to give your legs a good silhouette. The fabric is also made to resist sliding up so no matter how active you get, these pants will always stay in place. 

Another great tidbit: As part of Adidas’ environmentally-friendly drive, this pair of workout pants was made from 100% recycled polyester fabric. 

5. Uniqlo Men Dry Stretch Sweatpants

Uniqlo Men Dry Stretch Sweatpants

Uniqlo is relatively new to the active wear scene but it’s a brand that has become popular in recent years. What people like most about Uniqlo is its stylish minimalist look, and this is evident in their Men Dry Stretch Sweatpants.

Compared to other men’s workout pants, this pair from Uniqlo has a simpler look. They are very affordable though and the soft material is hard to beat when it comes to comfort.

Uniqlo’s sweatpants have a cotton-like feel, making it a reliable pair that you can wear any day, even if you are not going to work out. You can even wear these at home if you like.

It has a slim fit, which means that it is not too skinny and not too baggy. It is perfect for fashion-forward men who want to keep an active lifestyle.

And if you’re worried about your not-so-muscular legs, then this pair of pants can sure hide them well. Its fabric also features a quick-drying DRY technology that will keep your clothes from getting drenched in sweat while you’re in the gym.

Wrapping Up

So, if you really want to stop people from calling you Mr. Chicken Legs, then of course, you need to develop your legs through exercise. Taking workout supplements can also help.

But yeah, while you’re doing all these, the best men’s workout pants can help hide those skinny legs in the meantime.

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