10 Mistake to Avoid When Buy Stretch Jean

Regardless of whether you're male or female, the right pair of skinny jeans can truth of your personality. Here are some mistakes that we make when wearing skinny jean that you should keep in your wardrobe to avoid a fashion mistake.

  1. Dressing wrong for your body shape

Biggest mistake we make while buying stretch jeans is not picking appropriate jeans according to your body shape. One with heavier figure can choose slim fit jeans rather than skinny jeans or one with slimmer shape should go for skinny or super skinny jeans. So considering your body shape, size, then figure out what the best style is for you. The important point here is that fixing certain in the fit and styling can make massive difference in your personality. This can do by making sure the measurement of body, aware of body type and then take it from there.

  1. Purchasing jean is not proper fit

Styling a proper jean take a bit more efforts then simply hopping a pair in your bucket. First and the most important – getting the right fit stretch jeans. There is no ‘one fit for all’ in styling stretch jean – So if buying, buy your size.

Though stretch jean is little tight, so its good idea to buy a size that is an inch or two longer in length than your regular size. When fastening your jeans, you should be able to easily fit your finger between your waist and the waistband of the jeans. If you can't - they're too tight. Thus not all stretch jeans are made similar, its best to shop around and try on with a couple of different sizes until you find the best fit for your body.

  1. Picking the wrong color of stretch jean

You must be thinking there is no right color when it’s come to fashion – as its personal choice. But choosing wrong color for difference occasions is a common mistake most of the people makes.

For example – light color stretch is best for causal occasions with a fitted t-shirt or causal shirt. Darker Stretch styled is best for both day and night and unarguably easier to combine with any style outfit. Where mistakes often happen is when wearing bold color and print into the mix. The point we’re making is dress according to own goal and using occasion.

  1. Picking the wrong shoes with stretch jean

Your jean makes the outfit but wearing wrong shoes could break it. Make sure you’re the right shoes under your stretch jean. These skinny jeans draw more attention toward your shoes, so you need to choose footwear that’s right for the occasion. As a man, wearing jeans make your look and stylish.

  1. Take care of your underwear too

Jeans are of different types, so if you are wearing stretch jeans then don’t make the mistake of wearing seamless underwear with it. This will not only spoil your look and also look ugly. So choose the right shaped underwear with any jeans.

  1. Avoid the dreaded crotch mistake.

 One of the worst things happen when you’re trying a pair of jean and you get the dreaded camel toe, it happens and the reason it happens is because we often make crotch mistake and this quite simple is choosing a pair of jean where the space between the zipper ending and the crotch is too long, so what is does is it draws the eye to that area and just emphasizes it.


  1. Jeans eventually shrink and stretch when washed.

Every time you wear a pair of jeans they’re stretching out, if you wash and dry out jeans they’re going to shrink. The only way to prevent your jeans from shrinking would be to dry-clean them but anytime you wear them they’re going to stretch out, so you may notice that your jeans have pretty much stretch out an entire size if you’re not washing and drying your jeans but just like anything else if you want to preserve the size if you get to size that fits perfectly for you then you continue to dry clean your jeans.


  1. Avoid wearing super long stretch

If your jeans are too long, then it will create walking issue or stack over your shoes or it will your shoes completely. People need to look at your footwear, your stylish shoes hence your look. Thus I will suggest you to alter your jeans and wear a right length of stretch jeans.


  1. Avoid wearing stretch jeans with a suit jacket

If you are wearing a stretch jean with a suit jacket than you are making a very big mistake. Suit jacket are made for formal look only which doesn’t go with causal look, but if you want, you can wear it with blazer and this is very much better option. Whenever you’re making formal look with jeans, go for a dark shade jean only, brown shoes and now you’re ready for as rich beautiful and perfect way to real jeans weigh appraisal.


  1. Avoid wearing denim over denim

You’re ruining your look by wearing blue denim shirt over your stretch denim jean. A black denim jacket with black jean is very nice combination but if you think wearing blue denim shirt over a blue jean then you’re making stylish mistake. Whenever you’re wearing a denim shirt or jacket trying not to wearing same shade of jean, try stretch jean of different color or shade. For example, wearing a dark blue denim jacket with black jean is a very nice combination           

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