13 Things About Men's Fashion You May Not Have Known

13 Things About Men's Fashion You May Not Have Known

You might be sooty motivated and get a winning outfit. But when it comes to have deep information on trends many men would fail to answer a few basic fashion-related question. So here are giving a quick look at 13 facts about men’s fashion that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Choose the right trouser pocket

So, if you have a pair of chinos or dress pants that have flaring pocket issue, which looks like you’ve got ears down there. These flaring pockets just making your hips look wider. This happens because the pant doesn’t fit you right. You’re wearing them maybe too close to the hips, or it could be the style of the pocket.

So, we see commonly three type of pocket style on trousers. First, the vertical pocket style, this one is the most common offender when it comes to flare. Because the trouser don’t fit you correctly, this right here is going to fold out, it just looks bad. Now the next two styles of front pockets are the ones that you want to look for. You want to look for slanted pocket. You’re gone see this on some dress slacks. This is what you want to go for, much less likely to flare out. The other type of pocket is western pocket also know horizontal pocket, commonly see on jeans or chinos. This two type of pocket will not flare out at all.

  1. Avoid the Shoulder Nipple

You think, you are doing the right thing to hanging all your polo shirts in your closet and all the sudden you put one on and you’ve just got this bump right here on your shoulder. The key to avoiding shoulder nipples in all of your shirts is to remember hang your woven shirts and your knitted should be folded.

Woven, this is in general is going to be dress shirts. These are going to be fabrics that they don’t have much give. Knits on the other hand, this is going to be your t-shirts.

  1. Use color like spice

I like to equate color with salt. You add a bit of it to pull out the flavor of the dish, not to overpower it. For example, blue the dominant palette here, a little bit of white square pocket. Adds a little bit of color, bring out the flavor of the outfit.

  1. Level up with Accessories

Gents, the right accessories can level up your outfit. A jacket without a pocket square, it feels like its missing something. A really nice shirt without cufflinks if you love it, bring them into your style. When it comes to watches, find a watch that works for you, works for particular style, bring it into your outfit.


  1. Pay Attention to Proportions

The next tip is to balance out your proportions choosing the right fit of your clothing and the right colors. So if you have short legs which a lot of short guys do, you’re going to want to lengthen your legline. Make sure that you always choose a belt that match your trousers. It’s just going to make your legs look longer, therefore make you look taller. Another tip for shorts guys, never wear an oversized jacket, especially a sports jacket, suit jacket. Now the normal rule of thumb of length of the jacket is that it should cover the bottom curvature of the buttocks. But if you’re shorter guy, it can be an inch higher and that’s going to be fine. In fact, that’s going to look better for your proportions.

  1. Only Dry Clean When Necessary

The next trick that most guy don’t know is to only dry-clean your clothing when its dirty. A lot guys don’t their suits very often, they wear it once and then they send it off to the cleaners. The problem with that is dry-cleaning is very rough on your clothing. So with the suit, sports jacket, blazer, even your nice sweater, you only need to dry-clean them when they’re dirty which is about every fifteen or twenty wears or once a season.

  1. Wear your Heaviest shoes when Travelling

So, as you’re packing your bag and choosing what you’re going to wear on the airplane, always take your heaviest pair of shoes and wear those. That’s gone make your luggage a bit lighter. Make sure you use a shoes bag as well, so you get any dirt or grime on any parts of your clothes.

  1. Know when to Straight Lace Vs Cross Lace

Straight lacing always going to be more formal and is what you want on your dress shoes. Cross lacing, this is going to do a better job with adding stability, it gone hold better, but it is less formal and should be for casual wear.

  1. Build Up Your Upper Body

If you have got sloped shoulder, you’ve got a relatively slim upper body, let’s build it up. Learn to layer and put on clothing that’s going to draw attention to certain areas. Some pattern on shoulder, contrasting fabric is going to draw attention to the shoulders and build up that line. Looks for maybe epaulettes patch pocket. But if you’ve have got really opposite problem, you got really a big upper body, you may want to downplay, look for something like raglan sleeves which are going to give you a more sloped shoulders.

  1. Spot Quality by Looking at The Small Details

The key with identifying quality whether it’s a shirt whether jacket is look at the materials that were actually use and the way that they put them together. You want to make sure and look at those small details because if they attention to the small details, then you can rest assured that the fabric is going to be good quality, that the threat that they use to actually sew it together isn’t going to fall apart on your after five to six washes. So. One of the first things I look at when it comes to a shirt is the buttons. I want to not only look at the type of buttons that were used and plastic is fine, it’s going to be the most common, but mother of pearl would be great. Then I go looking at the stitching. The stitching is the key because if they didn’t take the time to have a nice tight stitch, if it looks like its already come out and the shirt is you never even washed it or even bought it yet, then be very careful about the stitching.

  1. The Last Button of a Suit Jacket

Seemingly, the dates back to the time of Louis XIV. When he gets ready for ball and couldn’t fit in jacket, which supposed to wear. So he unable to fasten the last button of the jacket. He left it open and the other men in the room followed him. And that’s how this become a trend.

  1. Polo Played Invented Button Down Collars

Back in the days, Polo players need to beat their opponent’s mallet, but flapping collar were making impossible. Hence button-down collar’s, in which the buttons were sewed onto the shirt to keep it in place during the game.

  1. French Cuffs Weren’t Invented by the French

French cuffs were never a part of the French culture; it was invented by the British. The shirts would come with buttons along the sleeves that helped men fasten their cuffs at the length that wanted. This further made its way to Europe and become well-known as French cuffs.

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