7 AWESOME Grooming Tips EVERY Young Man Needs To Know

Gentlemen, in today's Blog we're going to
cover how to upgrade your grooming game.

1- Lose the nail clippers.

Most of us use them. Those cheap little nail clippers you can find in any convenience store. Though common, these clippers are
bad for your nails. They're made of inferior metal, which quickly
Becomes dull so you end up crushing your nails instead of properly cutting them. What you want to do is upgrade to a quality pair of nail nippers or scissors. You want to look for a higher quality metal that's made to slice through the nail instead of mashing. This will ensure that your nails stay healthy and look their best.

2- Ditch the bar soap.

If you're like most guys you probably use the same bar soap on your face that you use for the rest of your body. This is a huge mistake. The skin on your face is more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body. Regular bar soap is too harsh for your face. It strips away moisture and creates old and rough-looking skin. What you want is a great skincare system specifically designed for your face - one that includes a face wash, exfoliating scrub, and moisturizer. Your skin is your body's largest organ – make sure to take care of it properly.


3- Switch up your hairbrush.

Have you been using the same old comb or hairbrush for years? How about switching it up to get a different look? Try a comb with wider teeth or maybe a hairbrush with more bristles. A different hairbrush can change the way your hair lays, the perceived thickness, and the amount of volume. So using a new brush is an easy way to experiment with a new look. Certain brushes work best with
Particular hair types –check out this infographic to see which ones are right for you.

4- Get a safety razor.

If you've been using those cheap disposable razors with multiple blades you're doing it wrong, gents. Multiple blades are more likely to irritate, and the cheap razors will quickly become dull. The result? Constant razor burns, turning shaving into a painful chore. Upgrade to a quality razor instead. Yes, it may cost a little bit more upfront, but the blades are very inexpensive and give a great quality shape. Also, a single blade is more gentle on sensitive skin, so you get an awesome shave without irritation.

5- Use better shaving cream.

The majority of men are using shaving cream out of an aerosol can. Though quick and convenient, this is a bad choice for most guys. The aerosol cans oftentimes contain propane, and the propellant and chemicals are rough on your skin, stripping away valuable moisture. Try going old school and create your lather using a quality shaving cream or soap. The ingredients here are oftentimes much better for your skin and with a little practice, you can create a lather that's superior to any canned shaving cream. Using a better shaving cream may take a little bit longer but the results are worth it.

6- Upgrade your nail file.

Tired of your cheap nail file quickly wearing out and breaking - or worse, are you not even using one? When looking for a nail file you want to upgrade to something that's going to last. You want to look for a high-quality metal file or a glass file. Metal is the most durable material but it can be slightly rougher on your nails, so be gentle when filing.
Now, a glass file is more fragile, but it's softer on your nails and can give smoother results.

7- Use the correct lotion.

If you're using the same lotion on your hands and face, gentlemen, you're doing it wrong. The skin on your hands and face, it's different, from its sensitivity to the thickness. You need a different product for your hands and your face. Your face has delicate skin. That requires a lighter moisturizer. If you use hand lotion on your face it's gonna leave your face feeling greasy. Now your hands have rougher skin, but they still get washed often, making them prone to drying out and cracking. The thicker, rougher skin on your hands requires a stronger lotion, oftentimes with more oil That's gonna give the moisture time to penetrate. I also like to see a bit of sunscreen in a facial moisturizer, at least an SPF of 20. Remember, gentlemen, the right lotion for the right job.

Change up your hair product.

Are you still using the same brand and type of hair gel that you used in high school? Guys, time to change it up. I want you to branch outside your comfort
zone and create a different look by trying a new product. Perhaps you've been a pomade man - you like the hold, you like the shine. Instead, try a putty - it's gonna have the whole but it's gonna have a matte finish. Lower shine hair products, like putties, like clays, like pastes, are great for creating more casual looks, while high shine products like pomades, gels, or waxes will give you
A more formal appearance. The trick is not to get stuck in a rut. Be open to trying new looks that may suit you better. Need a refresher on the different types of hair products when it comes to hold and shine? Check out this infographic for more details on each of the different hair products

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