Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans


Choosing the right shoes to wear with jeans can accentuate your style quotient. It can make you look more elegant and suave while providing you additional comfort at the same time. However, choosing a pair of good shoes to team with jeans can be difficult. this article discusses the best shoe types to team with jeans. It also provides details on the key considerations while buying shoes for teaming with jeans.


Sneakers are perhaps the most popular shoe choice for wearing with jeans. They provide a timeless and classic look that will always remain in fashion. You can use canvas or suede sneakers with jeans. They come in different designs and colors. You can experiment with colors and choose flashy colors to create a stark contrast. Sporting casual sneakers with jeans help you get ready for any casual event quickly.

You must avoid wearing sports shoes with jeans. It makes your entire outfit look ugly and shabby.

Leather Dress Shoes

Most people have at least one pair of good leather dress shoes. Open lacing leather shoes are perfect to wear with jeans. Derby that is an open-lacing shoe is a popular choice to team with jeans. Dress shoes come in different designs and colors to choose from. If you want a more subtle and classy look, then choose leather dress shoes with a toecap or plain toe design. The shape of the toe is also an important consideration. You must stay away from square-toed or highly pointed shoes as they are too extreme. Round toe shoes are the best and safest bet to team with jeans. They can be used for most occasions and help you make a lasting impression.

You should also be careful about the shoe color you sport with jeans. You must only wear brown leather dress shoes with blue jeans. Sporting brown leather dress shoes with blue jeans is a fashion blunder as the combination will not match and look out of place. Black leather shoes should only be worn with black jeans.

Leather Loafers

Leather loafers are very versatile shoes. You can pair them with your favorite jeans and are good to go for both casual and formal events. These shoes are very easy to slip on and take off. Since they are made of leather and have minimal styling, they can be used for any formal event. There are three variants of loafers you can choose from- Penny, Tassel, and Horsebit. Penny loafers are low key while Horsebitis the classiest. Tassel loafers are more casual and versatile.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are another great choice to team with jeans. They were used earlier in a marine environment. These shoes do not have laces and are thus easy to put on and take off. They feature a non-slip sole and leather upper. They are ideal for wearing in wet conditions. With time, boat shoes have become a classy and must-have casual shoe today. You can wear them with pinrolled jeans for a more casual get up. Boat shoes come in different colors and texture. A pair of brown or tan leather boat shoes teamed with a pair of jeans can elevate your fashion quotient to the next level.

Chelsea Boots

Most people associate jeans with only casual or formal shoes. However, there is much more to it than this. You can consider wearing Chelsea boots with your jeans. These boots are ideal for harsh weather like rain and snow. These boots make you better prepared to take on rain and snow than causal sneakers or leather dress shoes. Chelsea boots go back a long way and are a popular choice for inclement weather. They come in both plain and suede leather and are perfect to wear for formal and semi-formal events too. These boots do not have laces and instead feature elastic side panels. They come with tabs or loops on the top of the boot shaft. This convenient design makes it very easy to wear and take off the Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots have a dark sole that makes it easier to maintain. They need to be cleaned less often compared to boots with white or light-colored soles. You also do not have to worry about staining the soles while polishing these boots.

Considerations for Buying Shoes for Wearing with Jeans

You should consider the following for buying a pair of good shoes to wear with jeans:


The first consideration for buying shoes for wearing with jeans is the material. Casual shoes can be made of canvas, suede, etc. They can be teamed with jeans for achieving a perfect casual look. If you want to attend formal and semi-formal events, then consider buying leather shoes. You can choose from dress shoes, loafers, and boat shoes made of leather. Full-grain leather is a good choice for buying leather shoes for teaming with jeans. Patent leather shoes are ideal for wearing for more formal occasions.


If you are buying leather dress shoes, then consider the lacing type. Closed-lacing shoes are more formal and are suitable for wearing with only formal attire. Open-lacing shoes like derby and brogues are better to team with jeans. They are more versatile and help you make a classy and subtle fashion statement.


Wearing jeans is all about being comfortable. Your shoes should add to comfort and make it easier for you to wear them for long periods. You should buy shoes that have added cushioning in the heels and soles to provide greater comfort. prefer shoes with dark soles instead of light-colored or white soles as the former is classier.


The color of the shoes is an important choice especially when you plan to wear them with jeans. Brown colored shoes are more versatile and can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. You should use brown colored shoes only in blue jeans. Black leather shoes should be teamed with only black jeans. You can consider using some bright colored shoes with your favorite jeans. However, be sure to wear them on the right occasion.

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