How to Stay Motivated for Your Fitness Routine

If thinking about losing or gaining weight were a sport, you would be a billionaire by now. All you do is think about joining a gym and get that body of yours to transform into the body of your dreams. But this just ends up being a woolgathering.

Let’s just assume for a moment that you have joined a gym but for how long do you think you will be able to continue? You see yourself with your own eyes losing interest after two or three days. On the fourth day, even the thought of hitting the gym scares you off because of all the pain you have had experienced at the gym. Once you feel the pain in your body after the initial days at the gym, your will and motivation just sink in the greatest depth of demotivation and unwillingness.

To tell the truth, keep going to the gym is a lot harder than joining the gym itself. You start finding excuses for not continuing going to the gym. There’s no harm in not going to the gym if you haven’t had joined it in the first place. Not going to the gym after showing your butt there for one or two days is harmful because after some days you will find yourself standing in the same place where you wanted to join a gym. The absurd procrastinating process keeps repeating.

However, if you think that you are the only one stuck at this want to but don’t want to go to the gym thing, then you are sadly wrong. Half of the population of this world is in this business. Every person somewhere wants to lose weight, gain weight or stay fit, but people either don’t want to go to the gym or they soon start to lose interest in their fitness routine.

If you are determined to work towards your body, then here are a few tips for you to stay motivated for your fitness routine-

  • Set Short Term Goals-

Have you ever noticed that while reading a book, you enjoy short chapters in comparison to lengthy chapters? The same is with your fitness routine, in order to stay motivated for that gym session you have been planning to attend for years, you have to take one step at a time.

Take one fantasy about your body at a time and then move to the next one. If you go for all the things at the same time, you probably would just end up being tired, uninterested, and in pain. Slow and steady wins the race, but in your case, slow and steady will stay motivated.


  • Reward Yourself-

Who doesn’t like being rewarded for the applaudable work they do? Applaudable work doesn’t always involve something big like crossing 1 million on Youtube channel or going viral overnight,  or landing on the moon successfully, this list will never end. Commendable work also includes small things like completing a week at the gym.

Now, reward yourself with something you always wanted to get but somewhere thought that this could wait. It could be anything you love or like. You are allowed to reward yourself with a cheat day as well. It won’t hurt to eat something junk once in a while.


  • Keep a Comparison With Your Friend-

Now, this friend does not have to be the one you go to the gym with, this friend could be the one you feel envious of. Comparison, generally, is not good but here comparison is healthy because it will keep you motivated.

Keep a comparison with a friend who you go to the gym with because if you will stop going to the gym, then chances are there that this friend of yours will reach his/her fitness goals before you do.


  • Keep it Fun-

Why take stress about hitting the gym, why scare yourself off thinking about what exercise you will be doing at the gym today, or why make it a big deal if it is about your own fitness?

Just keep it all fun, perform every set of exercises by thinking of it as a fun task assigned to you. As long as something is fun, people don’t feel burdened about it in any manner and this is the same with the fitness routine. Follow your fitness routine considering it as a fun activity and you will stay motivated for your entire life.

Following a fitness routine is not as hard as one thinks because it is impossible, just kidding! It is all about accepting what you want and then working towards it. To stay motivated is a task in itself but once the motivation is made a habit, it will work wonders!

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