Luxury Layering: A Complete Guide To Suede Jackets

The suede jacket: surely the most impractical form of outerwear, but one of our favourites all the same. The soft nap of the fabric, so pleasing to the touch, evokes a sense of indulgence from what might otherwise be an unremarkable garment. A cotton overshirt is a cotton overshirt. But swap the cloth for brushed cowhide and it becomes a low-key luxury piece.

That’s the great thing about a suede jacket. It has a way of lending even simple outfits an air of luxury, but does so without raising eyebrows. It’s reserved and understated, yet refined and classy; the perfect way to sign a simple outfit off with a tactile flourish.

This is why we believe a suede jacket to be the type of garment every style-savvy man should own at some point in his life. But there are a few things to know before taking the plunge. From how to keep the fabric looking as good as new to which brands are making the best versions, below you’ll find all of the need-to-know details.

Types Of Suede Jacket

Technically, any outerwear can be made from suede but there are a few tried and tested silhouettes that always look the part. If you want a suede jacket that’ll slot seamlessly into your wardrobe and won’t date quickly, these are the types you should be looking at.


The overshirt is our suede jacket of choice. It’s simple, versatile, stylish and about as timeless as it gets. A classic overshirt will usually have a button or zip front, two chest pockets and a collar. These details can vary slightly from piece to piece, but generally it’s any garment that sits at the intersection between shirt and jacket.


The juxtaposition of the bomber jacket’s military roots with the indulgent texture of suede makes for a great piece of outerwear. A proper suede bomber should have a cropped fit with an elasticated hem and cuffs, be collarless and have a zip fastening to the front. We love the way this piece brings smart and casual together, resulting in a garment that can be dressed up or down with ease.


Contrary to popular belief, biker jackets don’t have to be black and rendered in smooth leather. A suede version boasts all the same rock ‘n’ roll attitude but with an added touch of refinement. If you like the idea of a biker jacket but find the classic leather variety a bit too Guns ‘N’ Roses, the same style in suede might be the perfect solution.

Like its leathery counterpart, a suede biker jacket will have a cropped fit, epaulets, oversized lapels and an asymmetric zipper. Some might also feature a belt to the waist and zips to the cuffs.


For something a bit more casual and understated, a suede trucker jacket is the way to go. This classic piece of blue-collar Americana is perfect in suede, particularly when finished in a rich colourway like chestnut brown or navy. It should have a cropped fit, button pockets to the chest and button fastening to the front.


East London’s AllSaints is another brand that has made leather jackets its signature, but the suede options are just as good. For the quality on offer, AllSaints’ prices are extremely reasonable, and while they might not be rock bottom it’s worth remembering that these are suede jackets we’re talking about; not exactly the most affordable outerwear option on the market.

With that in mind, AllSaints is an excellent value option for anyone looking for a well-made garment that won’t completely drain the bank account.

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