Top 4 Shades of Jeans in 2020

Now a day clothes matters a lot. They represent the personality person. Clothing comprises of many important pieces like t shirt, shirt, trouser, jeans, etc. Talking about essentials Jeans is primary in every manner. Jeans comes in many shades and as a college going youth it is important for students to have multiple shades of jeans. 

Let us see what the trendiest shades of jeans in 2020 are – 

Indigo Blue: 

 Indigo blue can also be said as the classic shade of jeans. It is one of the essential shades of jeans and a must have for every college student. It goes with almost every shade of t shirt. One can pair the classic blue jeans with checkered, plain or striped shirt very well.

Black Jeans

Another classic color for jeans is Black. Black jeans is as necessary as blue. Black jeans is also very effective for those semi formal meetings where you can pair them up with crisp white shirt and a linen blazer. Black jeans can also be paired up with cargo shirts to enhance to adventures look.

Khaki Jeans

Khaki jeans are also very trendy in look. They are the new trend where earthy colors are preferred more over others. Khaki jeans are the first choice of youngsters for camping and adventurous getaway. The fabric in khaki jeans can be bit lighter than regular jeans material to make it look more ergonomic and comfortable.

Olive Green / Camo Print

Camo print is also very trendy in youngsters. The feeling of pride in wearing camouflage print is far better than regular stuff. Many people prefer camo print to pay tribute to the army and security forces but some wear it to flaunt the adenture and risk taking personality of themselves.

These were top four trendiest shades of jeans that are preferred by most youngsters and are an essential part of their wardrobe.

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