Best End of Summer Hikes and the Clothes to Wear

The end of summer and beginning of fall is the ideal time to go hiking. The weather isn’t too hot, and the winter hasn’t shown up yet, requiring you to wear several layers. The bugs are minimal, and the nights are cool enough to camp without a 0-degree sleeping bag. In other words, if you’re going to go hiking and camping, the end of summer is the time to do it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking spots across the United States (in no particular order) and the appropriate fitness apparel to wear to add comfort and style to your trek.

Yosemite National Park 

Let’s kick off the list with one of the most famous hikes across the globe: Yosemite National Park. Located in California, Yosemite National Park hosts a variety of must-see landmarks including the giant sequoia trees and granite cliffs. 

What should you wear when visiting one of the greatest natural monuments in the U.S.? Joggers are always a safe bet as it can get windy. These super durable pants protect you from sunburn and they’re a comfy choice. Pair your joggers with a t-shirt and a windbreaker.

Grand Teton National Park 

Located in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park offers you an unbelievable hiking adventure regardless of your experience. New to hiking and looking to bask in the view around the lake? No problem. Want to challenge yourself and climb to the 4,600-meter peak of Grand Teton. Suit up and get moving!

What you’ll wear depends on where you’ll be in the park. If you’re hanging out on the ground and around the lake, shorts or joggers are fine. If it’s a cloudy day, best go with a hoodie or windbreaker. And if you’ll be hiking to the peak, you’ll definitely need to bring thick pants and a jacket.

Arctic National Park and Preserve 

The second largest park in the United States, the Arctic National Park and Preserve is truly a hiking lover’s destination. Located in Alaska, this park has few roads and lacks the infrastructure that other parks such as the Grand Canyon offer. Don’t let that stop you from experiencing some of the most gorgeous views in the country.

You’ll definitely need to get a bit warmer for this hike. Joggers are a must and we’d suggest pairing a hoodie with a windbreaker.

Scott’s Bluff National Monument 

Ready for a trip to Nebraska? If there was ever a reason to visit this state, it’s because of Scott’s Bluff National Monument. Serving as one of the most popular traveler’s landmarks in the past, Scott’s Bluff has become a go-to destination for its expansive layered bluffs. 

With it being the end of summer, you can wear shorts or joggers. Once that sun goes down (and if you’re still in the park), better throw on a hoodie.

Hawk Mountain 

Set amidst the backdrop of the Appalachian Trail, Hawk Mountain is one of the most stunning hikes in Pennsylvania. If you time it just right, you’ll be able to see the changing colors of the leaves for miles. Hawk Mountain also connects to other local favorites such as Pulpit and Pinnacle.

Shorts are a good way to go on this hike. If you’re nervous about ticks, opt for joggers. The weather is gorgeous at the end of summer but still hot so a tank top, cut-off, or compression t-shirt will be perfect.

Castle Rock Trail

If you’re not up for an insane hike through mountains and valleys but you still want beautiful views, Castle Rock Trail is for you. Based in California at Big Bear Lake, this short trail is an overall easy hike with few parts that are steep. Surrounded by giant boulders and gorgeous greenery, you eventually find yourself at the famous Castle Rock (not the television show).

Just like with the hiking at Hawk Mountain, you can start off in shorts and a t-shirt. If you’re hiking closer to sunset, joggers and leggings will be a safe bet.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Spending some time in North Carolina? Looking for a new hike each day? The Blue Ridge Parkway will keep you busy for weeks. Offering unbelievable views of the state, the Blue Ridge Parkway is home to some of the most humbling and beautiful outlooks including Looking Glass Point. 

North Carolina can start off chilly, but once you begin hiking, it won’t be long before you are down to shorts and a cut-off shirt. If you’re beginning in the morning, start with joggers or leggings but keep a pair of shorts in your bag. A windbreaker might be necessary for the morning but you’ll soon be down to a tank top or t-shirt.

Grand Canyon National Park 

We started with a famous landmark and we find it fitting to end with one. Hands down, one of the top three bucket-list experiences is the Grand Canyon. This massive landmark requires days or even weeks to fully appreciate. Gazing out over the shades of red rock, you’ll get lost, feel small, and be captured by the present moment. There’s a reason this place is so popular – Go check it out! 

Just like with the Blue Ridge Parkway, start your day at the Canyon with something warm: joggers, leggings, and hoodies. As the day progresses – and the hike intensifies – you’ll want shorts and a comfortable workout shirt.

What Is Your Favorite Spot to Hike?

Have you visited those “must-see” trails such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite? Have an off-the-beaten-path trail that you like to visit year after year? What do you suit-up in when you go hiking? Let us know in the comments below!

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