Work Up a Sweat with these Summer Workout Clothes

Winter has been unpredictable and persistent this year, but summer is finally arriving, giving you the opportunity to work up a sweat, get a tan, and enjoy the outdoors as you exercise. It’s time to store away those winter-friendly workout clothes, and get yourself fitness apparel that is comfortable, cool, and ready for summer just as much as you are. Let’s take a look at the best summer workout clothes for men and women.

Summer Fitness Clothing for Men 

Cut Offs 

How long have you been taking a pair of scissors to your t-shirts? Guys, there’s no need to ruin perfectly good t-shirts in the quest to show off those guns. Comfortable and stylish, cut off shirts provide free range of movement while letting you show off the gains that you’ve been working on. Even out that farmer’s tan while you jog or hone-in on that mind to muscle connection as you lift. Cut offs also make a great beach day shirt.

Tank Tops

Perfect as under shirts or when you have more to be proud of than just your biceps (those shoulder presses really paid off), tank tops are a great versatile summer top. Fitness apparel tank tops are more than your standard cotton sleeveless shirt that borders lazy and no-style. Workout clothes tank tops are the perfect mesh of durability and comfort from a cotton-blend along with style, making it look like you put some thought into your outfit (even if you didn’t).

Compression Tank Top

Compression clothing has become commonplace in the industry as studies reveal the benefits of better blood flow. Wearing a compression tank top provides all of the style and show of a regular tank top with the potential benefits of compression clothing. Made from a cotton and spandex blend, compression tank tops are tough enough for your workouts yet comfortable and easy to clean. No need to worry about odor absorption; compression tank tops won’t start to smell funny like regular cotton shirts.

Loose Compression T-Shirts

The staple of fitness apparel, t-shirts go with any exercise outfit. When you’re not a fan of super loose shirts, but you don’t want a skin-tight option either, loose compression t-shirts are going to be your best friend. Ideal for any type of workout, including weight lifting, jogging, and fitness classes, loose compression t-shirts are comfortable to wear, stylish to sport outside, and durable to last longer than you during a cardio class.

Compression T-Shirts 

Perfect for the shy guy who is proud of his muscular accomplishments, compression t-shirts give you the benefit of better blood flow and humble bragging rights. Show off what you’ve earned but keep gym goers guessing with a stylish and durable compression t-shirt. Since it’s a blended material, you don’t have to worry about odor absorption from bacteria. What’s more, compression t-shirts are designed to wick away sweat as you exercise, helping you stay dry even during the hottest days.


Running or exercising in pants in summer is a unique type of frustration. Sure, you want to try to burn a few more calories, but in the process, sweat gets trapped at your ankles, the pants stick to your legs, and you look like a mess. Shorts are the ideal summer option for your workouts, and a great motivation to never skip leg day. Size Up shorts are an ideal blend of spandex and polyester, which means they can take your more intense workouts while providing comfort, wicking away sweat, and avoiding odor.

Summer Fitness Apparel for Women 

Sports Bra

Ladies, when it comes to summer workouts, a sports bra is going to be exactly what you need. Sports bras provide a unique form of support, more so than your average bra and t-shirt combination. They ensure that everything stays in place, decreasing the risk of straining the muscles in your chest and back. Wear them as a standalone (which we recommend in the summer heat) or under a crop top.

Crop Top

Crop tops always look good, and they go with summer like ice cream and bug bites. Providing room for air flow, crop tops will help to make your jog or workout enjoyable. What’s more, it gives you the chance to brag a bit about the work you’ve been putting in during those ab-focused days. Wear your crop top during workout days or as an over shirt on a casual Sunday.

Breathable Leggings

Leggings have become completely acceptable to see in the gym as much as the workplace. When you’re getting ready for a workout during the summer heat, ordinary leggings might be a bit too much. Thankfully, there are breathable leggings. Designed to give you the same freedom of movement and comfort as regular leggings, breathable leggings give your legs a chance to enough the uniquely placed airflow space. No need to worry about awkward sweat spots – Just focus on your workout.

Summer Fitness Gear for Men and Women 

Supplement Shaker Cup 

You’ve got your exercise outfit on and you’re ready to go; aren’t you forgetting something? What’s a workout if you’re missing the proper supplements? Make sure you have somewhere to put your pre-workout, intra-workout, or post-workout supplements with the Size Up shaker cup. Perfect for any powder-based supplement, the Size Up shaker cup can thoroughly mix your favorite supplements, ensuring no clumps.


Are you constantly moving your phone during a workout because you have nowhere to put it? Wish you could prop up your tablet or phone to easily keep track of reps? Size Up PopSockets attach to the back of your phone and act as a stand, gripper, or cord wrapper.

What is Your Favorite Outfit for Summer Fitness? 

Do you prefer to stick with the classic shorts and a t-shirt? Or do you take advantage of the sunshine and even out those tan lines?

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