To Splurge or Not? When Pricey Workout Clothes Are Worth It

As the next season of weather arrives, you make a trip to your local fitness clothing store to get prepared. Picking up the newest sports-activity shirt or specialized yoga pants, you peer at the price tag, gasp, and immediately put the clothes back for fear of the “you break, you buy” policy. Clothing, in general, can be pricey, but workout clothes far more so than your average jeans and t-shirt combo. 

Is it worth it to pay extra on fitness apparel? The answer is sometimes; it all depends on the exercise clothing and what you will use it for. Let’s take a look at several situations where it’s worth it to pay the hefty price tag and the recommended types of clothing to buy.

Specialty Workout Clothes 

If your workouts revolve around specific fitness categories, classes, and activities then the extra money is going to be a worthwhile buy. 

Those who are serious about powerlifting, in particular, might require special clothing to promote better blood flow. More importantly, the shoes you use for powerlifting, specifically deadlifting, can be the difference between setting new personal bests and barely meeting the same numbers as the previous week. Compression clothing helps to promote better blood flow throughout the body, enhancing nutrient uptake. This type of clothing is great for powerlifting workouts. 

CrossFit workouts are another great example. These fast-paced, intense workouts don’t have time for average and flimsy clothing. You need something that will last longer than you do during the WoD (workout of the day). High quality material blend t-shirt and shorts are what you’ll need for those high intensity workouts such as CrossFit. They are built to withstand punishment and be easy to clean.

Exposed to the Elements 

If your workouts take place outside more often than not, you’re going to need workout clothes that can brave the summer sun and winter cold. Spending extra money on durable clothing is going to save you time and frustration in the long run.

The budget of all runners should be going into incredibly good shoes and extremely durable clothing to match. Dedicated runners see the bests and worsts of every season. Between sweat, sunshine, wind, rain, and snow, you’ll need clothes that are going to be able to go the extra mile until race day. We recommend wearing high quality material blends that will flick away sweat, avoid odor, and be tough against the elements.

Taking the old school approach with outside boot camp classes? A great way to get in shape, boot camp classes are similar to those high-intensity workouts found in CrossFit classes except you’re adding in sunshine and the weather. Case in point: You’ll want durability and comfort. Guys, suit up in compression tank tops and joggers; ladies, throw on a sports bra and leggings.

Playing a Sport 

Are you on a team sport such as basketball or football? Whether you’re playing for your school or in an after-work social club, high quality fitness apparel is a must. Practice after practice, you’ll need clothing that is durable, comfortable, and won’t get in the way of your performance. You should even look for clothing that will enhance your performance if applicable. 

Depending on the sport, you’ll have a few options to choose from: Compression clothing is excellent for intense, fast-paced sports that are all performance driven such as basketball and football. Shorts, sports bras, and tank tops are great for volleyball and soccer. Joggers and leggings are perfect for track and field. Comfy cotton t-shirts are the way to go if you’re doing casual 5k races.

Heat Gets Turned Up 

Heat has become the new thing in fitness. Fitness classes are offering hot options for everything with the most popular being yoga and meditation. Turning up the heat in your yoga class is a great way to promote heat tolerance, weight management, and results. It’s also going to be tough on your clothing as you’ll be sweating… a lot. 

If you’ll be working out in a heat-based environment, you’ll want fitness apparel that will be able to tough it out as long as you do. You’ll also want something that’s not going to soak up your sweat and stink up your car. Compression shirts, and rayon-blend t-shirts are the way to go for guys. Ladies, invest in material blend leggings and a sports bra.

Looking for a Long-Term Investment 

What if your workouts aren’t specialized or taking place in a room that hits 110 degrees? Is it worth it to pay more for workout clothing. Definitely. If you have extra money in your budget and you want to ensure your workout clothes last years, not months, it’s encouraged to spend a little more on your gym clothes.

Whether you’re going to your local gym a few times a week, going on casual bike rides with friends, or playing football with the kids on Sunday, having high quality workout clothes that cost a bit more is always going to come in handy. 

Compression t-shirts are a form-fitting option that you can wear during your workouts as much as during leisure activities. You can never go wrong with shorts during the summer or joggers during the fall. Sports bras and leggings go hand in hand at cookouts as much as during local charity runs. Finally, a nice cotton t-shirt is a universal piece of fitness apparel that can be worn up front or as an undershirt.

How Much Do You Spend on Workout Clothes? 

Do you think that $20 price difference is worth it? What’s the most you’ve ever spent on fitness apparel? Let us know in the comment below!

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