Beginner’s Guide to Denim Jackets

Your denim collection will be incomplete without a good denim jacket. You can wear these versatile jackets in any season and pair them with different apparel. The current article provides insights into how to buy a good denim jacket and how to wear it with class. 

How to Buy a Good Denim Jacket

Buying a denim jacket can be difficult. there are plenty of choices in the market. you need to consider many different aspects to arrive at the best jacket for yourself. The following should be considered before buying a denim jacket.  

Sizeup Fit Denim Jacket

Fit Jacket  for Men- 

A denim jacket should fit you perfectly. It should neither be too tight or too loose. You should be able to button it up easily when worn over a t-shirt without feeling uncomfortable. Check the length of the jacket too. It should not extend beyond your beltline or creep above your waistline. Denim jackets should make you feel comfortable. When worn over a t-shirt or shirt, you should be able to move your arms and upper body freely. It should not restrict your movements and make you feel restricted and uncomfortable. 

Color for Jacket -

Denim jackets have evolved over time. Manufacturers have started making them in a wide variety of colors. However, the blue denim jacket remains the most timeless and classy among all colors. While denim jackets are meant to be casual apparel, dark-colored jackets can be used in semi-formal events. Light-colored denim jackets should strictly be used for casual functions. A medium-washed and colored denim jacket is best as it is more versatile and can be used on various occasions.J 

How to Wear Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is a versatile apparel. You can pair it with different combinations to get a classy and casual look. You should consider the below-mentioned tips for wearing a denim jacket: 

Avoid Denim on Denim Look

It is best recommended to avoid the denim on denim look. Wearing a denim jacket on denim trousers can be a very monotonous and heavy look. Denim jackets are best teamed with non-denim trousers like chinos, corduroy, etc. If you still want to sport the denim on denim look, then try to create a contrast between the jacket and trousers. It will help to break up the monotonous denim on denim look. You can also use bright and bold accessories to create a contrast and focal point on your outfit. A 

What to Wear Inside a Denim Jacket?

A single layer of clothing is enough for wearing inside a denim jacket. Do not add up too much of clothing inside otherwise it will make you look bulky. A thin base helps the denim jacket to fit and hang better. You will not feel the jacket becoming too tight and constrictive while using only one single layering inside. You can also wear a loose sweater inside the denim jacket to complete your look.  

Size up  Denim Jacket


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