Size Up Black Casual Stretch

Size Up Black Casual Stretch Shirt

Not all men's workout wear is designed to be worn in the gym exclusively. There are some shirts that are perfect for exercise and casual wear. This black stretch shirt is sleek and stylish enough to be worn when you're going out, but it's made from a stretchy and breathable material that you can wear during intense workouts.

Although the shirt has long sleeves, it's made from a thin material, which means it won't leave you feeling hot when you're working up a sweat. The shirt is a solid black but has subtle vertical lines that add some texture to the shirt. The Size-Up logo is embroidered in white thread on the back of the shirt, which gives the top a little bit of color.

The shirt has a fitted design and a scoop neck, and it comes in a number of sizes. The shirt is a great way to show off muscle definition. Even though the shirt has a tight fit, the material has plenty of stretch to it, which means you'll have your full range of motion during workouts. Whether you choose to wear this shirt in the gym or out on the town, it's definitely an item that you'll want to have in your closet.



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