Size Up Black Golden Glove Cut Hoodie

Classic Style With The Size Up Black Golden Glove Cut Hoodie

Immortalized in gyms and in on the Silver Screen in movies like Rocky the Hoodie has made its name in both popular street culture and in those in search of the perfect balance between health and a body that represents their commitment to a specific lifestyle.

The Size Up Black Golden Glove Cut Hoodie is the perfect modern iteration of this classic style. Manufactured with a combination of Spandex, cotton, polyester, and cotton this hoodie is the perfect clothing item for those who want to shine both in the gym and on the street. Comfort and style are combined into the perfect approach to self-expression.

For those who want the perfect item of clothing to make the upper body workout even less of a chore the cut off nature of the hoodie with its no sleeve design allows for unrestricted movement and improves the efficiency of all exercises that are at the core of the workout schedule.

With the design optimized for comfort, this is simply one of the most classic, hard wearing and great looking items for those who have an enduring love of looking and feeling great. This is a hoodie for all seasons and all outfits.



Length 26.5" 27.25" 28" 28.75" 29.5"
Chest 17" 17.75" 18.5" 19.25" 20"

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