Size Up Black Plaid Sleeveless Button Up

Black Plaid Sleeveless Button Up from Size Up

Are your arms big enough to rip out the seams of most off the rack shirts? The Size Up Black Plaid Sleeveless Button-Up will have everyone believing you just did it. The sleeveless shirt looks like you just ripped off the sleeves and chewed off the collar. In other words, it shows off your rugged tough side.

The tiny collar makes sure everyone can see the hard work you’ve put into your neck, and the ripped off sleeves showcase your arms. Both the arms and neck are stitched to make sure the torn off appearance does not continue to fray. The bottom of the shirt also features a rugged tattered appearance, giving you a great bad-boy look.

A Size-Up winged logo is barely visible on the front of the shirt, blending into the black plaid. The cut of the shirt accentuates your broad shoulders and V-shape.

The fabric is a soft cotton blend. You can wear the shirt in the gym, but it is even more at home for heading out to a football game, or a night on the town. It is the ideal shirt for a cowboy with a body ready to show off. If you are looking for something with that bad boy edge, get this button-up.


Length 30" 30.75" 31.5" 32.25" 33"



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