Size Up Black Track Jacket

Black Track Jacket By Size Up

Do you need a lightweight jacket to complete your wardrobe? No, we are not talking about a high-fashion wardrobe, we are talking about your sports and action apparel. The Size Up Black Track Jacket is a lightweight jacket to keep off the breeze without covering up what is hiding underneath.

The jacket looks great standing open with a Size Up muscle shirt, or the jacket can be worn alone so when you unzip, you reveal all of your hard-earned muscles. The jacket features a front zipper and two zip-up pockets. The pockets can keep your hands warm on a cool day at a track meet or can be used to keep your wallet and keys safe while you are out for a run on a cool morning.

Both sleeves have a bold white stripe with Size Up printed in black flowing down the stripe. The white stripes make you more visible when you are out in low light conditions. The Size Up Winged Logo is featured on the front of the jacket and just below the neck on the back. The jacket is cut to flow with your athletic V-shape, with wider than average shoulders and a narrow waist. The lightweight fabric is designed to let your body breathe during a workout, or to keep off the chill when needed.





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