Size Up Blue Women's Shorts

Blue Women's Shorts By Size Up

You have earned the right to wear a pair of Size Up Blue Women’s Shorts. These shorts are not for the timid, because they are going to let everyone know how much effort you put into your body.

The shorts are cut high to accentuate your legs. Everyone will be able to see the hours you have put into sculpting your legs. The shorts are meant to be worn snugly to showcase your efforts, too. Don’t let the cut and snug fit fool you. These shorts are comfortable. They are designed to be used in the gym or during your leisure time.

The fabric is soft and breathable but with enough elasticity to hang on to your body. The front pull tie allows you to wear the shorts loosely when you are hangout out at home, or to cinch them in place when you are getting ready to continue sculpting your body in the gym!

You will love the style of the shorts with their wide what waistband, which also adds to the comfort by not rolling. The white stripes on the sides draw the eyes to your legs. The legs are finished off with white trim. The Size Up logo is discreetly displayed on your left hip leaving you as the main attraction of the shorts.

Length 9.25" 9.5" 10" 10.25"
Waist 12" 12.5" 13" 13.5"



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