Size Up Camo Hooded Baseball Jersey

The Camo Hooded Baseball Jersey from Size Up

Camouflage is intended to hide you from prying eyes, but don’t believe that is a fact with the Camo Hooded Baseball Jersey. Instead of people missing you in the crowd, you will stand out in this amazing looking jersey.

Their attention might first be drawn to the two large reflective white stripes on one sleeve, but that is not where their attention will stay. The Shirt is designed to fit your physique closely and people will take notice. The wide shoulders accentuate all the shoulder work you have done in your workouts. The open neckline showcases your powerful neck. Your biceps will be peeking out of the mid-length sleeves.

The camo shirt is made with breathable fabric to keep you comfortable whether it is hot or cool outside. The hood is completely functional and works great to keep the cool air off your ears at a street dance or at an autumn football game. The button down front allows you to choose if you want to open a couple of buttons to show off your chest or leave it hidden until someone asks.

The Size Up Wings can be found on your chest, one sleeve, and the back of the shirt. The camo print could be used for a day out hunting, but we suspect you will love wearing it more in town.

Front Length 28.75" 29.5" 30.25" 31" 31.75"
Back Length 31.5" 32.25" 33" 33.75" 34.5"
Chest 20" 20.75" 21.5" 22.5" 23.25"

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