Size Up Digital Army Green Zip Up

Size Up New Arrivals Collection Digital Army Green Zip Up

Put this stylish jacket on and get warmed up at the gym before you do your full workout. It is warm and comfortable to wear even during your full workout but it certainly works for those weekend sporting events or trips around town with the guys. The zip-up jacket has a smart dark green color with white stripes accenting each sleeve. The Size Up logo is featured on the reverse of the jacket at the neckline.

You can enjoy this perfect casual jacket for cool, windy days as its fabric is made to keep you warm without getting too hot. The sleeves and bottom of the jacket are cuffed and will stretch. they move with you and keep the jacket in place whether you are lifting weights or out jogging.

The jacket is made with quality fabric and details that offer the style you want with the features you need in workout clothing. The size is accurate so you can be sure that when you order a small, medium, large, extra large, or extra-extra large you are getting the right fit. When you show up in this jacket you will show off your pride in the world-famous SizeUp Apparel line.





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