Size Up Midnight SandLot Shirt

Midnight Sandlot Shirt By Size Up

Long sleeved shirts are normally designed to hide all of your hard work, but not the Midnight Sandlot Shirt from Size Up. This shirt is designed to fit snugly on your arms and torso to show off your body while keeping you warm. The deep blueish purple will grab attention, while the stark white arms keep people trying to figure out if they should be noticing your shirt or those muscles.

The shirt is made from breathable fabrics to make sure you stay cool in the summer but works equally well in the winter to keep you warm. The fabric wicks away sweat to make sure it stays off your body. The winged Size Up logo stands proudly in the middle of your chest in deep black. A tiny Size Up logo is featured on the back of the shirt, too.

The shirt is cut to flow down your V-shaped body, highlighting your athletic appearance. The bottom is cut smoothly to look perfect worn hanging loose but still looks great if you tuck it in. You can order the shirt sizes from small to XXL. Remember, with Size Up, XXL does not equal a fat boy, it equals muscles, those muscles you built in the gym.



Length 31" 31.75" 32.5" 33.25" 34"
Waist 19.75" 20.5" 21.25" 22" 23"

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