Size Up Navy Blue Legacy Long Sleeve Button Up

Size Up Apparel Fall 2018 Collection - Navy Blue Legacy Long Sleeve Button Up

This long sleeve button up shirt is versatile and stylish. The navy blue Legacy long sleeve is perfect in the gym and out. The sleek fit at the top and the loose fit at the bottom make it work whether you are on the treadmill, outside for a jog or enjoying a casual weekend party when wearing your favorite jeans.

Choosing appropriate workout wear for specific exercises and activities is a must. This shirt fits in with that philosophy as it can be worn for hard-core gym workouts or walks outside. It is perfect for attending soccer and other sports events with the kids. It can even be tucked in with a pair of dress slacks, and it can help you show off your style as well as your physique. The top part of the shirt hugs every muscle and the bottom is loose and casual.

This is a great shirt for anyone doing household chores or running errands. You get the comfort you need when doing light exercise and know the shirt will hold up even if you end up breaking a sweat. Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large sizes which all offer true-to-size fits.




Length 29.25" 30" 31" 31.5" 32.5"
Chest 38' 39.5" 41" 42.5" 44"



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